Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Star Candy

Soooo, remember how I told you that I have two boys and Valentine's Day is kinda "iffy" around here? I mean, if you were 8 and 11, you would hate for anyone to think that you LOOVED all that mushy/gushy stuff (that is sooo girly!!). Well, along with the iPods that I made, I also decided to make my own See's candy boxes. Only these are Star Candy boxes (filled with Ghiradelli chocolates.....yummmmy!!)
(GREAT!! Just noticed that the chocolates are upside down....does it really matter? I'm actually shocked there was still chocolates left in the box. Someone has replaced my child with an alien. No child of mine would have uneaten chocolate left over three days after Valentine's Day!)
Pretty cute, huh?! Now, DH totally didn't get these. Here is a bit of our conversation regarding this project:
Me: Sooo, what do you think? Pretty cute, huh?!
DH: Uhhh, wouldn't it have been easier to just buy a heart box of candy and just cover it with
the paper?
Me: (disgusted sigh)....Yeah, probably! But then the BOX would have been some shiney red
thing and wouldn't have matched. Plus, I MADE this. From start to finish....that makes
it more special.
DH: I still say it would have been easier just to cover a box already made.
Me: Guess we know who won't be getting one of these then, huh?!

How I made these: I used my trusty heart shape cookie cutters (I did order the Spellbinders heart nesties, but they were too small for what I was wanting done!). Since the dp was so thin, I taped it to SU chocolate cs and then traced my heart. Figured out what size box I would need to fit the middle of the heart and then made the "lid" 1/8 larger. Easy Peasy!

O.k....I will admit....these didn't get completely done. I had this WONDERFUL idea to add "dog tag" bling to the cover. Figured out how I was going to make "faux" dog tags and attach them with some links. Didn't have the links. No problem~I needed to run to Michael's anyways. ONLY THE MOMMY MUSH BRAIN TOOK OVER and I forgot to go to Michael's!!!! (got side tracked at my LSS!). Oh well. Somehow I know that my boys really don't care that these don't have bling on them. That is just the "dirt pile" wanna be girl in me who knows that this would have been a "AWESOME" candy box vs "my" candy box with the bling. But there is always next year ('cause you know that these puppies are gonna get saved in my project closet and get reused!! BWHHAAAA!!)
Supplies used: Paper: Camo~from Michael's, SU chocolate brown, Accessories: my ever trusty heart shape cookie cutters, red liner tape

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Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

These are fabulous! Who cares if its upside down. It just means the opening to the chocolate is on top!!!!!

Great job!