Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rockin' Friendships

My boys are 11 and 8 and Valentine's Day is kinda "iffy" around here, especially the Valentine gifts given in the classroom. I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine and modified it some to fit my boys's personalities better. I have made a total of 30 of these and overall am very pleased with how they turned out!

Pretty clever, eh?!! (It even got a "COOL, can we have one too?!" from my boys).
This is a SweeTart candy box covered with SU basic black or pixie pink (depending on boy/girl) paper that was scored and taped with red liner. I printed off the circle from the FamilyFun web site multiple times and made a template sheet. The "grey" menu button is a 1/2" circle punched out on going grey paper (the grey faded when printed). The PlayList was made on my computer (as the FamilyFun list was a little too "Valentiney" for my boys). I took the songs off of my oldest's iPod, so figured that the songs were "cool" enough. The "ear" buds are Reese's miniture PB cups covered in tin foil.

Now I did make some mistakes and will share those with you so that you won't suffer my frustrations:

1) You cannot cut layers of tin foil in the Big Shot. It FUSES the layers together
2) Nylon string is USELESS!!!! UGGHH!! It frays when cut, it does not hold a knot and overall is just FRUSTRATING. I ended up giving up on tying knots and hope that the tape job will hold. I tried splitting the string to make the two sections of the ear pieces, but that didn't work either.
3) Different brands of the SweeTarts/SweetHearts boxes are different sizes....make sure you don't cut all you paper the same for different brands. I made two different templates for the two different brands of candy that were used.

Ok....still need to finish my personal valentine gifts for my boys and make a card for DH (funny thing, he won't let me just buy him one!! snort)
Supplies: Paper: SU Basic Black, Pixie Pink, Whisper White, Going Grey. Accessories: computer generated menu and playlist, 1 3/8" circle punch, 1/2" circle punch, Spellbinders LARGE circle die, Sizzix Big shot, tin foil, string, SweeTarts candy and Reese's PB miniture candy cups


shaz hank said...

Can you give the link?
i can't find it on the familyfun site.
Please and Thank-you

Anonymous said...

This idea is so great! I have 3 boys so I am definitely adding this to my list of future ideas. I'm a big fan is Family Fun mag, too. TYFS!

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

WOW This is fabulous. Your boys are gonna love these. Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

This is SO CUTE!! Thanks for providing your instructions and a larger picture of the project. (You can barely see the one at I am definitely going to give this a try!! :)

I just discovered your blog, and I LOVE it!! You are too, too funny!! Is there a way for me to follow it if I don't have a blog myself? I looked for a feedblitz link or something similar where I just enter my e-mail and I get updates everytime you post.

Thanks for the inspiration!! These really are very cute. :)


Kim's Life said...

Love this!!! Such a great idea!