Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Confused, Majorly

Have I ever mentioned that I'm totally a ditz when it come to this modern technology of computers? Don't understand the lingo, am always afraid that I will click the wrong button and blow my computer up ('cause the couple of times my computer has blown up, I'm pretty sure that moi had something to do with it!)

Today I tried to add a FeedBlitz subscription link to my blog. OoooooKaaaay. Thought I had it done, but then it got to the place where it said it was FREE for 30 days then I would pay depending on the use. Now~~everyone else I've talked too says that they don't pay anything. Which leads to to the following conclusions:
1) I was totally trying to sign up for something else
2) This is a new "feature" from FeedBlitz and since I'm the last on to get on the blogging wagon, I'm the one who is going to pay for everyone else (snort)

Sooooo, sorry. If by chance you were wanting a subscription link.....as of right now, it is not going to happen. If/when I ever figure out if I was doing something wrong, I will attempt to do add a link again. Until then, you will probably have to do what I do. Add me to your favorites and just click as often as you have time!

I will be back later with another ACTUAL creation to share

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