Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making ART

I'm so excited today!!

First:  I'm hoping with the e-Team as a guest designer today!!

Second:  OMG!! WENDY VECCHI is in the HOUSE!!

Today's hop will not only share projects made with Studio 490 products, but will also share some insight as to the inspiration and thought process that went into making the projects.

The eTeam is a wonderful group of talented women, each with their own style. Some are clean and simple card makers, others love scrapbooking, and still others are drawn to altered art and mixed media projects. The goal of this hop is bring each of the designers and their favorite mediums together and to share how they used these products to express their own individual styles through their projects. 

AND, as an added bonus, the eP store has some great specials to go along with the hop!

  • This week only save 25% on all Studio 490 products, this includes Wendy's stamps, stencils, Art parts, Book and Blossom Bucket embellishments. Use code WENDY25 when checking out.
  • During the hop, comment on each blog and you'll be entered into a drawing for a prize package worth $50! Your package will include a collection of Studio 490 products as well as paper and embellishments from the store. 
WAIT!  There's MORE!!

  • We want to hear about what inspires you! Share your thoughts about why you create, what styles you're drawn to, even share a favorite project on the eP Facebook page. Next week Kim will randomly select a winner from those who have commented on the eTeam Make Art Facebook posts and give away a $25 gift certificate to eP! 
eclectic Paperie--start of the hop!



I've been a big fan of Wendy's for a long time.  I love her unique style and her products.  I have to say that if the Clearly for Art Modeling film came in rolls, I'd be first in line to order (insert cheesy smile with a "hint, hint, Wendy!!" here__________________!!!!).  I have made a couple of projects as a previous designer for eP that combined Art Parts, TenSecond Studio metal and the modeling film.  If you are interested a couple of examples  can be found here and here.  

BUT, for today's project, I veered off to a different path.  I wanted to explore using Wendy's stamps in a bit of a different way.

Note:  Today I'm using some of Wendy's previously released stamp sets. But by all means! Check out all the NEW goodies that Kim has in the eP store!!

Let me give you a little peek as to how my brain (sometimes) works when I'm creating.

First:  I rummaged through my collection of Studio 490 stamps and Art parts.  The Art Parts just weren't calling to me (gasp!) so while I was pondering what direction I was going to go, I happened to catch a look at an open back bezel that has been waiting for me to do something with.  I then start looking at my collection of stamps to see what might work with the bezel.   The Visions of Art set and the sentiment "She only flew when no one could see" from It's Face Art set kept drawing me in.  

Both of these stamps were too large for the bezel.  But, by now, I'm stuck on the bezel idea.  Sooo, Shrink Film to the rescue!  I first lightly sanded the film with a sanding block and stamped the main image with Stazon ink.  I usually stamp an image a couple of times just in case I mess up.  

**Disclaimer:  most of these photos were taken at night. My work table is glass topped.  Clear plastic, glass tables, night lights and flashes don't mix!!

The image after shrinking.  

I then stamped another image from It's Face Art onto a piece of clear transparency that had been inked with various alcohol inks.  Since this piece was in my "possibility" file, I have NO idea what inks were used on it!! But it just seemed to fit the color main image!  

After a bit of finagling, I made myself a template for the inside of the bezel (it had a small lip on the inside, so it took a bit of trimming from a tracing to get it to fit right) and cut out the stamped image.  I decided that the background was too light, so I cut out another template from the unstamped portion of the inked transparency. Hindsight says I should have stuck with just the one layer....more on that later!!!

When I create mixed media projects, I tend to come up with a scenario or story line of what my project is portraying. I kept thinking about the sentiment, "she only flew when no one could see", and envisioned my Indian Princess (because, of course, she is a Princess!) allowing her thoughts to take flight to a different place or world that no one else could see or understand.  To symbolize the flight of her dreams, I stamped the butterfly, from Make Mine Mini Art, with black Stazon, onto a piece of the shrink film that I inked with cranberry, red pepper and rust alcohol inks.  I firmly adhered my bezel to a piece of duct tape and  then layered my two pieces of inked transparency and the Princess in the bezel and filled with Ice Resin.  I then added the butterfly and finished filling to the top.

This would be where hind sight should have spoken up earlier.

The double layer of the inked transparency seemed to get an air bubble.  And the double layer also seemed to deepen in intensity, so the main image blended into the background more.

And the butterfly.  The butterfly sank. There was no dreams taking flight here!!

BUT!  I did not toss the project.  I still liked the overall look.  It just needed a little road side assist!!

Another mini butterfly was stamped with Blazing Red Stazon ink onto the shrink film.  A second butterfly was stamped again on the red tone inked shrink film.  Both were cut out and shrunk with my heat gun.  While still HOT (and yes, I do mean you will singe your fingers HOT), I gently molded the wings to add dimension.  I adhered both butterflies with Beacon's Glass, Metal and More Glue.  The result:

Interestingly, the clear butterfly in her hair shows up the red coloration of the sunken butterfly in the picture, but in real life, you can't see the red !!

And the thickness of the butterfly wings is NOT so in your face.  I obviously need to figure out how to take photos of shiny objects better!! 

Originally, I was going to make this a piece of jewelry to wear, but without the light shining through the pendent, it is pretty dark and loses it's definition.  Instead, I think I will look for some multicolored fibers to hang the pendent from and make it into a book marker for myself so that the light can shine through the pendent.

Because books are another way to take flight to different places and  new worlds. 

I hope you take a couple of thoughts away with you today from my project:

First:  There are so many different ways to use your supplies.  Don't be afraid to go off onto a different path!  Explore creativity in a NEW way!

Second:  Even if a project has some mistakes, it doesn't mean that it is "ruined".  It may mean you just have to look at it from a different angle to see the light

and Third:  There really is no such thing as mistakes in Art.  They are just experiences to make the journey of Making Art more interesting!! 

Many, many thanks to Kim and the eTeam for inviting me to hop along with Wendy this week!!  I had sooo much fun Making Art!

Thanks for dropping by and for those of you on the East Coast, my thoughts are with you!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Giving Mojo an Ultimatum

I have decided that this extended vacation that Mojo has taken needs to come to an immediate end.  So I'm giving her an ultimatum.  I'm giving her a challenge she must show up for by Tuesday, October 30, for a guest spot on a blog hop with the new E-Team or she will be replaced.

Did I mention that this hop is with the incredibly talented Wendy Vecchi?!!!! Squeaaalllll!!!! 

I'm very excited to be joining the newly expanded E-Team and Wendy Vecchi (squeaaallll!!!) for this hop!!  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Twisted Birthday

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here, it seems more like late spring than fall.  Earlier in the week we had a glimpse of fall weather.  Yesterday, it was cool in the morning, then got to a nice mid to upper 70 level.  Today is suppose to be in the upper 80's.

I'm talking 86 plus degrees.  I don't think that is fall weather!  I'm ready for cooler temps that call for hot chocolate and warm soup in the evening.

But, I'll take upper 80's over mid 40's any day! haha!!

Since I don't think you dropped by to chat about the weather, I'll get to the card I'm going to share.  I actually made this card last week.  I've been debating whether or not to share it since.

Do you ever put unreasonable pressure on yourself to produce "WOW, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING" cards  for your blog posts?  There are so many wonderful designers out there who seem to churn out one amazing card after the other.  Their creativity never seems to dry up.

I am NOT one of those designers.  Seriously.  I'm not looking for "this is fabulous, I don't know what you are complaining about comments".  I am in a creative funk.  There is no "WOW" creative thoughts coming out of my noggin. I decided to share the card because this is real life.  "AMAZING, WOW, FABULOUS" does not always happen.  Sometimes, creativity is only SIMPLE. BASIC.  FITS THE NEED.

And that is perfectly OKAY.  I'm giving myself, and if you need it, a break from the sometimes unrealistic goals we set for ourselves.  SIMPLE. BASIC. FITS THE NEED.

 I needed to make another last minute birthday card for a friend of the Oldest Kiddo.
Question:  is it only my children's teenage friends that decided the day before that they want to have friends over to celebrate their birthdays?  I now keep a stack of Game Stop and iTune gift cards on hand for these last minute celebrations!!  Since the Great Creative Funk of 2012 is still in it's prime, I was at a complete loss as to what new and exciting way I could make a birthday card from the same themes of interest of the birthday kid has had over the past 3-4 years (that would be basketball, music or Xbox). I saw a clever fold on one of my blog cruises and tucked it away in the brain files for later use.

This is a Twisted card fold.  The tutorial on the making of this fold can be found here. Since the die cut basketball is almost 3 3/4" across, I had to adjust the size of my base cuts. I believe my base was 6 x 12".  I made a couple of stabs at getting the base the right size to fit to basketball and still fit the envelope.  And since it was over a week ago since making the card, my brain has totally forgotten what the final outcome was.  


I think this would have looked better with some type of sentiment flag.  But then the front started to look crowded.  So I skipped it.  

A helpful hint for this card. Use double sided design paper. My design paper was single sided.  That meant that I had to use another sheet of paper and reverse the cuts to get the inside panels.  Since my brain is not functioning at a high level of creativity, this took some extra brain power to figure out! haha!

Basic details:  12x12 chocolate chip base.  Design paper from LSS that I have had in my stash forever.  Basketball die is from Quikutz and was made from Dusty Durango paper and sponged with either Close to Cocoa or Creamy Caramel.  I had the basketball die cut for a couple of years for yearly basketball season notes on classroom doors.  Recycling!!

Simple. Basic.  Got the job done.  Sometimes, that is all one can ask of oneself. 

'Till next time....

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spring Again

It would appear that the plants in my yard think the temperatures are more in line with Spring rather than Fall.  My day lilies, verbena and roses are blooming again.  Since Mojo continues to elude me for any paper crafting, I took advantage of the mid afternoon light to play around with my camera.

Click on photos to enlarge.  One of these days I'll change the format of my blog so that photos can be larger!! 

One of these days I will have to pull out my paints and repair the look of this statue's halo.  But then again, it does add a bit of worn charm

I think this may be my favorite photo of the day

This guy decided to photo bomb my picture!

'Till next time.............remember, creativity can be found in so many different mediums!!
P.S.  I forgot to say which version of the Trio of Thanks that was deemed the favorite by the Toad:
(drum roll.....) Version 3!