Sunday, October 14, 2012

Twisted Birthday

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here, it seems more like late spring than fall.  Earlier in the week we had a glimpse of fall weather.  Yesterday, it was cool in the morning, then got to a nice mid to upper 70 level.  Today is suppose to be in the upper 80's.

I'm talking 86 plus degrees.  I don't think that is fall weather!  I'm ready for cooler temps that call for hot chocolate and warm soup in the evening.

But, I'll take upper 80's over mid 40's any day! haha!!

Since I don't think you dropped by to chat about the weather, I'll get to the card I'm going to share.  I actually made this card last week.  I've been debating whether or not to share it since.

Do you ever put unreasonable pressure on yourself to produce "WOW, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING" cards  for your blog posts?  There are so many wonderful designers out there who seem to churn out one amazing card after the other.  Their creativity never seems to dry up.

I am NOT one of those designers.  Seriously.  I'm not looking for "this is fabulous, I don't know what you are complaining about comments".  I am in a creative funk.  There is no "WOW" creative thoughts coming out of my noggin. I decided to share the card because this is real life.  "AMAZING, WOW, FABULOUS" does not always happen.  Sometimes, creativity is only SIMPLE. BASIC.  FITS THE NEED.

And that is perfectly OKAY.  I'm giving myself, and if you need it, a break from the sometimes unrealistic goals we set for ourselves.  SIMPLE. BASIC. FITS THE NEED.

 I needed to make another last minute birthday card for a friend of the Oldest Kiddo.
Question:  is it only my children's teenage friends that decided the day before that they want to have friends over to celebrate their birthdays?  I now keep a stack of Game Stop and iTune gift cards on hand for these last minute celebrations!!  Since the Great Creative Funk of 2012 is still in it's prime, I was at a complete loss as to what new and exciting way I could make a birthday card from the same themes of interest of the birthday kid has had over the past 3-4 years (that would be basketball, music or Xbox). I saw a clever fold on one of my blog cruises and tucked it away in the brain files for later use.

This is a Twisted card fold.  The tutorial on the making of this fold can be found here. Since the die cut basketball is almost 3 3/4" across, I had to adjust the size of my base cuts. I believe my base was 6 x 12".  I made a couple of stabs at getting the base the right size to fit to basketball and still fit the envelope.  And since it was over a week ago since making the card, my brain has totally forgotten what the final outcome was.  


I think this would have looked better with some type of sentiment flag.  But then the front started to look crowded.  So I skipped it.  

A helpful hint for this card. Use double sided design paper. My design paper was single sided.  That meant that I had to use another sheet of paper and reverse the cuts to get the inside panels.  Since my brain is not functioning at a high level of creativity, this took some extra brain power to figure out! haha!

Basic details:  12x12 chocolate chip base.  Design paper from LSS that I have had in my stash forever.  Basketball die is from Quikutz and was made from Dusty Durango paper and sponged with either Close to Cocoa or Creamy Caramel.  I had the basketball die cut for a couple of years for yearly basketball season notes on classroom doors.  Recycling!!

Simple. Basic.  Got the job done.  Sometimes, that is all one can ask of oneself. 

'Till next time....


Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Our weather is about the same! I'd even take temps in the 40s as cold doesn't bother me. Actually it's a welcome relief from the heat of summer. The cold will get here soon, hopefully!

Love your card and the intricacy of it. Look fun to make and fun for the recipient!

Glenda said...

We are indeed enjoying Fall temps with highs in the 70's and lows in the 40' and sometimes 50'. Perfect weather. Your card is very interesting. The different fold cards have always caught my attention. This is something I want to explore. This makes a great card for a teenage boy. Well done!

Sylvia said...

Our weather has been much the same, Starla, although we have gotten rain, which is a first for me in the fall. This year we are supposed to stay green and wet! Yeah! My fig trees are loving it as are the roses that managed to survive two summers! I have planted a lot already for this time of year, but they will root better giving the rainy conditions. Your card is fun and perfect for a teenager. As for awesome creativity, there are always those times when creating is hard, that is when just doing something helps. Hang in there. Get your Halloween trickster thoughts going! Have a wonderful Monday!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i just love everything you do even if i don't get to visit often. it's always fun coming here. you definitely cheer me up. things are better and i believe you on the planet thingy. nothing surprises me.

thanks for visiting. ur just the giggle i needed.

hugs :)

Beate said...

I think it's perfect the way it is. you rocked this card fold. I haven't dared to make one of these yet.
Have a wonderful day!
Hugs and smiles

Carolyn King said...

Your brain is functioning just fine---this is a great bday card. Clever design. LOVE it and love the idea of keeping those gift cards on hand. I will have to remember that one!

Dawn Mercedes said...

Great card...simple yet complex b/c of the new fold. We had weather in the low 70s yesterday...awesome for the last soccer practice!!

Micki said...

ummmmm sister, your card is so freakin' unique. That fold is not one I've seen before and I LOVE it.
I'm not just saying it to make you feel better, I mean it when I say that your cards/projects always make my jaw drop, k?! And don't beat yourself up over the creative funk. Do something else.... for me the sketching/canvas painting has been so much fun. I still think it's because I watch the art journaling videos on YouTube in bed before going to sleep is having a subcontious effect. Sending big cyber hugs. and PS forgive the spell errors, too damn tired to worry about those, :-)

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Fabulous card! Don't ya just love this fold?

kaiandkristi said...

Love the twisted card! I've never seen anything like that before!! Only you would claim to not be "one of those designers" and still churn out amazing stuff!!! Ha! Maybe I should attempt a card just to make you feel better ;-) BTW, just to make you feel a little better about your weather, we had 20ish temps last night and it was in the 40's-50's today. Hmmmmm...definitely miss CA!!