Saturday, June 5, 2010

Graduation Continued....

Hey Peoples! School is officially out and the heat is suppose to climb to the upper 90's today, uggghhh!!  I REALLY don't want to turn on the air yet!! While I'm ready for summer, I'm not ready for the heat!Trying to crank out some neglected chores while it is still somewhat cool!

I thought I'd drop in real fast and share the general idea of the 8th grade bags that I made up.  For those of you who might have missed the introduction to this project, here is a quick recap.  The 7th grade class has a few responsibilities for the 8th grade graduation.  One of those jobs being providing gift bags for the 8th graders to place all their cards and such in at the reception.  I was asked if I would take on this job and was given 21 LARGE glassine bags (approximatley 14"x 16").  This is what I came up with:

I wish I could tell you what the name of the die cut letters are! I borrowed them from friend and she did not have the sample sheet in the folder (which, I could have used as I used some of the letters "upside down".  Example:  The "B" is suppose to have the small loop on the bottom...but who knew?  Who cares?  snort) I do know they are from Quikutz.  I die cut the names using my Big Shot out of Brazzil paper (again, I did not note the shade.  I'm thinking it was Pomegranate.  I really need to pay more attention to those detail for you all!!) The letters were adhered to the bag with Art Glitter adhesive.  This stuff dried FAST and clear and is quickly becoming my favorite glue. 

The graduation cap is the same one that I used on this card: I started out with this die from Ellison                                                                                          
I didn't like the way the tassel portion looked on the clear bags so I made my own top and adhered it with dimensionals to give it a more realistic look. 


I made the tassel from some embroidery thread and used some jewery dohickies to close them off (like those technical terms?!). The tassels were attached around a black brad and a thin strip of red liner tape (1/8").  The year was made using TenSecond Studios Bingo Mold and some Rock Star Black metal.  I cut out each year and filled the back with some embossed metal backing paste which helped prevent the metal from bending so easily and gave me a  place to adhere glue dots to!

The little diploma's were made out of SU's Very Vanilla cardstock.  I stamped "congratulations" on the inside (because I just know that at least ONE kid will untie the thing to see if there is anything inside! hehe) and tied with some black ribbon.  The diplomas were attached using a glue dot behind the ribbon.

I still need to share the card I made for my oldest's b-day LAST weekend!!  But I'm going to spread out the goodies, LOL!! 

Thanks for dropping by again today!!  Remember to take time for some type of CREATIVITY in your day!!


Rachel D said...

This is really clever. I think I would have been stumped for a looong time. I also like your idea for making tassles. We still have two more weeks of school, plus I have to college grads to make cards for. I think I'll use your tassle idea.


These bags are way cool! You did a great job! I don't know that I would have had the patience to do all of those! You go girl!

GlitterEmm said...

Great design, the 8th graders will love it! Thanks for the mention, you can find a link on our FaceBook Fan Club