Saturday, June 12, 2010


Happy Saturday, Peoples!! I know that I've been MIA over the last 2 weeks, but when it rains it POURS!!  I thought that after all the hoopla of oldest kiddo turning 13 and the last week of school, I'd have a fairly calm week.  NOPE.  Unfortunately on Monday, my boss's mother passed away.  That meant a lot of scrambling to rearrange patients and me putting in 9+ hour days all week. Then to top off the increased stress at work, some moron decided to steal electrical cables from the main box at our other office's location, rendering no power.  But the kicker is, our charting system at our smaller office is done by remote control through the main office.  Sooooo, even though I'm miles away from all that mess, I cannot chart!!  And the final topping on this leaning tower of LIFE was the fact that I needed to get my kiddos all packed and ready to go on a 10 day vacation with their grandparents.  Let's just say that SuperMom/Woman hit her limit this week!! I found myself in a wonderful pity party by Wednesday and decided to just add the final straw and lose my mojo in the mounds of laundry and dirty dishes!!

I thought I would FINALLY share the card I made for my kiddo's 13th birthday today.  The Toad and I finally caved in a bought him a cell phone.  The kid's schedule with middle school varsity sports was beginning to need its own secretary as practices, games and whatnot were always being changed.  Add the fact that the kid gets excellent grades and doesn't get into any trouble, it just seemed like the perfect gift to celebrate hitting his teens. Here is my good looking boy on his day~

Of course, the card was TOTALLY inspired by the actual phone:

I started with a piece of 12x12 textured grey cardstock and made my uneven layers from there.  I REALLY need to get a larger corner punch!! I only have these small ones that are usually used for cards and so I had to round my corners by hand.  Which led to uneven edges!! Good news, since the kid opened the card AFTER the actual gift, he barely gave it a glance! snort!!  For the menu screen, I took a picture of the actual menu screen on his phone (after spending waaaaaay too much time trying to come up with a hand made version) and printed it out on cardstock.  The funky edge along the menu screen would be the photographer's lack of ability to take a picture without the glare on the screen straight on.  I used some copic markers to draw the ear mic at the top of the phone and poorly hand drew the at&t symbol and the other doodads, brand name on the phone using a signo white gel pen.  The little "back" button was cut out, outlined with the same white pen and then attached to give it more dimension. 

Overall, I think it will be a cool card for the kiddo to look back on and remember his first phone!

Thanks for dropping by again today!! I'm hoping to do a little cleaning and see if I can find where my mojo went into hiding!! I have some new toys that I'm dying to explore some creativity with!! Cross your fingers I find mojo in the laundry basket!!

Enjoy your weekend and remember to take time for some creativity of your own!!



Love the card and your son is gonna break hearts! Been wondering what happened to you....Hope you have a better week this coming one. Hang in there!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

only you can go thru such crap and make it sound funny! congrats to that absolutely gorgeous son on his birthday! hope you have a fabulous summer - despite everything.

love, love, love the card! you are definitely super mom!


Rachel D said...

You're your toughest critic. I didn't see any of those details you got frustrated about - I just saw an amazingly clever card. You deserve a lot of credit for your phone.

P.S. Isn't it nice making cards for your children? I imagine the teen factor makes it a challenge, but my family are my absolute favorite people to craft for.