Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cooking with 3rd Graders

(grrrr.....don't know what I hit...but I was almost done with my post and POOF!! It's gone! Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know how much frustration I'm willing to go through just to give you some eye candy!! Aren't I just the greatest?! BWHHAAAAA!!)

Ok...enough jabbering, on with the goodies!!

The second week of October was the birthday of my son's 3rd grade teacher. On the fact list that was given to me (because somehow I ended up being room mom by default, i.e., no one else volunteered to to do!) the teacher listed her interests as 1) Grandchildren 2) Cooking 3) Crafts. This got my ol' brain turning. Hmmmm.....what could be better than kids coming up with their favorite recipes to share with a grandma wanting to cook for her grandkids? And, if it was put together in a cookbook to treasure forever, all the better!! So I snuck home a note along with some pre cut recipe cards (that would fit the size of book I had in mind) asking the kids to write down one or two of their favorite recipes and to decorate the cards if they wished. Luckily, there are on 11 kids in the class so it wasn't a huge chore to call everyone and make sure we had 100% participation! Here is the outside of the cookbook:

I pulled out my SU set of Voila and stamped the chef on Gina K's 120# pure luxury white. He was then highlighted and colored with my Copic Ciaos. I cut and adhered the checkerboard patterned paper to some chipboard. I then cut out the chef and layed him on the DP. OH! MY POOR EYES!! Yikes!! That DP was just waaay too busy!! So I cut a piece of SU textured white cardstock, leaving just a small border of the checkerboard. Ahhhh!! Much better!! The title was cut using Real Red cs and my Cuttlebug/Olivia word set (originally, I had cut out "Cooking With 3rd Grade". Uhhhh....too big for the cover! Had to modify the title!). I then used self laminating sheets to protect the front and back covers (the back cover is just the checkerboard dp over more chipboard). The inside recipes were also laminated to protect the kids art forever. A couple of examples for you:

I then used my Bind it All and put the whole thing together using red binding. I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself. It is kind of funny how some of the kids wrote their recipes~when you flip them, they are "upside down". And I love their handwriting (for the most part, there were a couple that the parents did) and how they chose to decorate their cards.

OH! For those of you who might care~the book is 6" in length x 5" in width. I wanted to give the kids more room to write out their recipes if needed.

Wellll....I will have another post for you tomorrow. While I had considered sharing more today, I decided that I owe you some steady eye candy spread out over a few days vs a stomach ache from too much all at once!! Aren't I just the most considerate blogger ever?! BWHHAAAA!!

With that being said~Thanks so much for dropping by! For those of you who will be hitting the streets in search of goodies, have a SAFE Halloween! I think we will be heading out to the church's Fall Festival. My oldest has never been real fond of Halloween (hates the "scary" costumes. When he was younger I would explain it was just someone like him dressing up. He would tell me "My head knows that, but my heart forgets when I see them!"). My youngest (age 9) informed me that "he and his brother were really too old to trick or treat". When I asked him why, he told me that he really didn't "get" the purpose of Halloween. "All you do is go door to door begging for candy that isn't good for you. What's the point?" How do you fight THAT logic?!

Have a SAFE one and we'll chat again tomorrow!

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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what a fabulous idea and even more fabulous creation! girl.... you are awesome!

have a very happy, safe & fun halloween!