Wednesday, October 28, 2009


.....out of control!

Howdy folks!! Like that post of my project on Monday? Whaaat? You missed it? Oh, maybe that is because it is still sitting on my desk waiting to be photographed!! As the young girls at work would say, OMG!! My life has just been crazy since we got back from our bike trip down the coast!! (Notice that I haven't even uploaded THOSE pictures!!) I got called into work for this week and we have been playing catch up at school for the things we missed (as our poor scheduling put the boys out of school at the end of the quarter...YIKES!!)

Since I'm about to be named Flakiest Blogger of the Year, I'll just promise this: Some projects are coming...cross your fingers for the weekend!!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

flakiest blogger????? you just flakey! which is why i LOVE YOU and LOVE your blog.


Carolyn King said...

deep breath! You take care of YOU first....we will be here!

Hey----those clowns you drew are AWESOME chica! The shading and coloring is amazing! Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!