Monday, October 19, 2009

Going to the Circus

What does this mess have to do with paper crafting?

Our school's fall fair is this coming weekend. The last couple of years the "planning" committee has picked a theme. This years theme: Under the Big Top (or something like that...too tired to go look! ) Each class has a booth or activity that they use to raise $$ for their classroom. Now in all honesty, I feel that this is a HUGE hassle and it usually doesn't make much $$ (more likely, COSTS $$) but supposedly it is fun (can you tell that I'm just worn out?!!). The booths are about 38 inches high (for the table top....doesn't count the "frame" and 8 ft long. Somehow, I managed to open my mouth and say that I would help decorate the 3rd grade booth (we will be gone for the do I get myself in these messes?!! ANYWOOOS!!! This small portion of mess was used to create this:

This was terribly hard to get a decent photograph of. These guys are on a cardboard panel (that's paper, right?! hehe) that is 8 feet long and 46 inches high. They are to be the front of the booth that will have a circus theme valance and "tent" drapes off each side (like they are coming out of the backstage for the show). I had to draw and paint this with the cardboard leaning against the storage cupboards in our garage. I SPENT waaaaay too much time on this as it will just be thrown away. But somehow, I have forgotten how to just throw on color vs adding all this shading and details (like....the wasted "metallic paint for the motorcycle, that IRL barley shows shine!! grrrrr!!! or the added pom-poms to the hat or the Pretties Kit flower on the blue top hat!) I still need to cut out the green hat and attach it with a paint stick and lots of tape!! I'm hoping that one of the mom's will take a picture of the completed booth so that I can share the "CLOSING" act at a later date. But it is FINALLY done. That is all I care about at this point!!


On a personal note: We leave tomorrow afternoon for our bike trip down the coast of California. Now, I am really not in shape for this but was looking forward to it. Until yesterday. It would seem that in my over scheduling of myself this past week that I have worn out my poor ol' body to the point of waking up with the start of a lovely cold. I don't know how that is going to affect me on riding on average 60 miles a day for the next 5 days. Luckily, I can always drive the sag vehicle....but that doesn't sound like much fun either. Oh well!! Such is my life!!


On another note: Can someone tell me how to do a prepost in blogger? I have some more projects to share (I told you I had over scheduled myself!!) and could spread them out over the week we are gone. Or, I can just post one again tomorrow and the rest will just have to wait until I get back (sadly, you all are used to the lack of posts!!)

I'm off to cut off the head of the clown!! BWHWHAAAA (personally, I find clowns kinda creepy!) Thanks for dropping by and I'll be back!!

Thanks for dropping by today!


Melody (lacyquilter) said...

This is really wonderful. You should find a local nursing home or something to donate it to after, so more people can enjoy.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

girl, you definitely have talent! this is fantabulous! and sooooo colorful.

to pre-post:

(1) type your post as usual
(2) BEFORE (important) clicking save now, click on POST OPTIONS (above the publish now)
(3) you'll get a dropdown box with time & date on the right. that is where you change it to pre-post.
(4) once you're sure of the time & date, click save now, publish post. it'll come up as scheduled in your dashboard.

email me if you need more help.

have fun on the bike trail!


Kerney Whitman said...

ummm...well, I guess the 5th grade won't be winning the booth decorating contest!! I'm pretty sure you will take that prize (is there a prize???)! Have fun, see you when you get back~

chelemom said...

WOW! You did a great job on this!!!