Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Got Run Over by the Wagon

WARNING: That nice lovely cold that was starting to enter my body has turned into a big ol' MEAN and NASTY cold. I feel for those who are getting hit by the flu. If I feel this icky, I can't imagine how they must feel.

So why am I sharing this? Because there will be no other projects shared this week. I don't have the energy or inclination to try and photograph the projects and I am suppose to get on a plane in a couple of hours. Lucky for you, I've done an excellant job of preparing you for the lack of posts!!(aren't I the considerate one? I just knew this was going to happen and thought that I would break you in over the last several months!! haha) I WILL have something for you to look at when I return on Monday.

Have a safe and germ free week. Wash your hands more time than you think you should. And most importantly, learn to say NO when people ask you to work on another project when you really don't have time for it! Your body will thank you!! hehe