Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Being 10 is Fabulous!! And other so-so creations

Hey Peoples!!  For those of you who got to celebrate a long holiday weekend, I hope that it was a safe one!!  For me, it was a busy one (so what else is new?!!)

My youngest turned 10.  His big wish was to get a PSP (game system).  His wish came true. And may I just add that I've gotten at least THREE huge hugs and "Thank you so much mom and dad, for my PSP!! It is awesome" and "This was the BEST birthday ever!!"

The goofy kid then decided to use Grandma's decorations and appetizers to make himself a "tough guy".

Then he decided that he had posed decently for enough pictures and started to ham it up, cracking himself up doing so!

Can I just say that this kid really is a crack up and there is nothing better than the sound of him giggling out of control (usually at himself!!)

The Kiddo's great grandpa (aka Big Papa) celebrated his "80 something" (I believe it is actually 83rd) birthday the same weekend.   Here are the two of them opening up Big Papa's gift:

Big Papa wanted a "new teeth fund" so this was the hint as to what the $$ was for!!

Of course, I am "expected" to make all the birthday cards.  Well, after the "wow" card I created for DS (which can be found here), my Mojo decided to start the long weekend and LEFT THE HOUSE.  After waaay to much effort, I once again called in the Toad to help rescue my sad, sad attempts at coming up with another "wow" card.  In all honesty, this one is only so-so. Not even the Toad could help me with the lack of time to come up with something better.  It is what it is:

I cut this one so close to the wire that I didn't even have time to get a decent picture!!  The card base is a piece of Gina K's pure luxury in vanilla.  I first stamped the sentiment from JFF on a piece of scrap paper (wait.  I think it was actually my first, second, maybe my third attempt at creating the WOW) and cut it out to make a mask.  I adhered it to the center of my card with some removable tape and stamped SU's Weathered background using Distress Walnut stain.  I then used my stampamajig to line up the sentiment and stamped in the center with Distress Peeled Paint.  I lightly sponged the "frame" with more Peeled paint and the edges of the card with some Distress Vintage Photo.  Pulled out some of T!m Holtz's hardware and adhered with glossy accents (the brad "arms" are positioned so you can't see them.  Don't like those puppers messing up the inside of my cards!).  All I can say is:  They can't all be winners!! (oi!!!)

Saturday was spent getting the Toad and oldest kiddo ready for the week long History of California trip.  They left on the charted bus EARLY Sunday morning.  They won't be back until late Thursday evening so it is just the younger kiddo and me.  I wish I could say that I'm getting lots of creating done (you know, like the "welcome to our school cards that I STILL haven't started!! major eye rolling here______________), but instead I tackled the older kiddo's bedroom.  And the bathrooms. Sigh.  Sometimes LIFE cannot be put off any longer!!

Thanks for dropping by again today!!  I'll be back later this week with a SURPRISE!! hehe


kaiandkristi said...

Wow!! He's 10 already?!?!! How DID that happen? Such cute pictures. I love the idea of a "teeth" fund. I have to tell Kai about it! Personally I would be happy with your "so-so" creativity since that's miles beyond my best on a good day! And I LOVE the card for "the youngest"!!! AMAZING!!!!


I think this is pretty nifty for "so so".....I really like the background! Your youngest is a cutie!

Sylvia said...

Happy birthday to the 10 year old! The card is pretty cool!