Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunshine Pops

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Welcome to another week!! Is it just me, or is this year FLYING by?!! HOLY MOLY! How did we get to the last week of September already?!!

Today I have some baking creativity to share with you.  A few weeks ago, I discovered Bakerella's blog. OH MY!! I immediately went out and bought her newly released book, Cake Pops.  Seriously.  How stinkin' cute are these?!!
I got the bright idea that these might be a good thing for the 4th grade class to sell at our school's upcoming Fall Fair.  Can you imagine the 4th graders walking around with the concession type boxes that you see at games?  "Get 'yer cupcaaaake pops!! Get 'yer cutcaaake pops!!"....hehe.   Better yet, that would mean NO BOOTH TO MAKE!! 

Anyhoos!! I thought that it might be wise to give these cuties a try before the night before the fall fair.  The 4th grade teacher just so happens to be celebrating her birthday today, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to give this baking creativity a go!!  Now, I had originally thought to make an apple shape (with cute faces, like the ones shown in the book), but it would seem that someone forgot to get the large white sprinkles for the eyes, the pretzel sticks for the stem and some type of green candy for the leaves.  In my defense, I was deciding what I wanted to do while trying to figure out exactly what supplies I needed.  And I had a couple of other ideas running through my head at the same time.  Things kinda got jumbled with my Mommy Mush Brain Syndrome!!  So, I adapted an idea that I had thought to do with cupcake bites.  And so, my field of sunflowers bloomed.


I REALLY need to add a higher end photo editing program to my Christmas wish list!! I kinda like to play with the different editing tools!

For my first time, I think that these turned out pretty darn cute, if  I do say so myself!!  I did learn that my candy coating needs to be thinner next time.  I had some problems with the dipping straight in the coating as mine was too thick.  And, I learned that for the Fall Fair (and making 100+) that the designs will need to be more basic.  Transporting these will be tricky.  I only have 13 to take tomorrow, and the boys can hold them, but I have NO IDEA how I would transport hundreds.  But I am thinking we will have basic, some slightly more detailed and then a few WOW ones.  With an associated price increase in each, of course!


I also worked on the gift/card.  But that project will have to wait for another day.  It needs the students part of the project to be completed. Hopefully, I'll have that last bit here in a day or two.  I will give you one hint.....Once upon a Time......hehe

Thanks for dropping by again today!! I had fun (even when my sunflowers were falling off their "stems") trying something new.  Remember~~creativity comes in so MANY different forms!! Photography, baking, crafts, stamping, organizing (yes....I think organizing can be a type of creativity!).  The important thing to remember is to make sure you include it somewhere in your day!!

Till next time.................



Girl, you definitely got it going on! I just love the way your mind works! I can almost see the little wheels spinning! Love those Sunflowers!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Oh my, girlie, you are crazy, but these are wonderful. We made cake balls (notice the simplicity here) once and they were a sticky gooey mess, but oh, goodness, what an instant sugar high! Have a little extra time on your hands? Bwahahahah!

Amber (bambi64) said...

YOU found Bakeralla?? hmmmm Me thinks someone forgot to mention Martha sent her that way ;) Sunflowers turned out too cute and i told you to thin your chocolate... member?? I'm so glad I'm way over here as I know you'd put me to work on those ones for the fall fair!! lol

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh! I didn't scroll down to the one you had made! These are awesome!! I'd by 6 for sure. Yepp...2 for me...4 for the kids and Ken! haha

Sylvia said...

Starla, What an amzing mom you are! Love you cupcake sunflowers! So Clever!

Anonymous said...

Oh these are so fabulous Starla! So striking and original!

kaiandkristi said...

Those are AWESOME!!! Great idea! 4th grade teacher--such great memories! :-)