Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Reality.  It just amuses me to no end to see the blurbs for some of the "Reality" TV shows.  Seriously?  How have we become so confused as to think that someone can find "real" love while competing against 20 other people for the "true affections" of one person?  How is swapping wives for a month reality?  Or for that matter, how does one become famous for just living in a certain location? 

Ok, I must confess that I have not watched ONE minute of "Reality TV."  We don't have a TV.  Well, we don't have a TV that can be watched as TV.  We have a lovely big screen TV that can play DVDs/Videos (yes, we still have a VCR) or numerous Xbox/Wii games.  But, it isn't hooked up to the required cable to watch TV.  Not that we are opposed to TV.  Just kind of happened that when we got married the TV died right about the time we bought our first home.  A home that required a lot of work removing old wallpaper off the ceilings (seriously) while trying to train for the mountain bike racing that was a HUGE part of our lives at that time.  The TV just wasn't that important.  And once the kiddos came along, it was just so much easier to control the amount of TV watched by how long the video was.  And it just became a habit.  And now reality is, there is not much time for TV once we get home from what ever sport practice or game of the day.  And after dinner.  And homework.  You know, REALITY. 

And this is what Reality has looked like in my home this week:  The Toad dealing with food poisoning (please let it be food poisoning and not some virus that will render all of us hugging the toilet!). Not knowing where my kitchen counters are and having my kids eat cereal for dinner the second night in a row.  Having the laundry overflowing.  And having my oldest kiddo decide that he wants to campaign for a class office.  Which means "could you help me make something to pass out in class, Mom?"

Now, in all honesty, I really don't mind coming up with ideas to help the kiddo.  This is how I justify having all my crafting stuff.  One just never knows when a certain die, designer paper, metal embellishment or stamp set will come in handy for last minute school projects.  So one must ALWAYS be prepared and have a good supply on hand.  And so, my Spellbinder Circle nestabilities and Sizzix Star die came in very handy to create these badges for the Sergeant of Arms campaign.

I started out by pulling out all my grey and similar shades of scrap paper and cutting out the circle frame Spellbinder's Classic Circle Nestabilities. I then used Sizzix's Star #2 die and cut the largest star out of matching paper. The stars were attached using a Zig glue pen. I then hand wrote the "Vote for Sergeant of Arms" around the circle frame. The kiddo's name was then written in the middle of the star.

(it looks pretty cool with the Kiddo's name in the middle.  You will just have to trust me on that one!)

25 of these were made while the youngest asked for help on writing sentences with his spelling words.  And asking how to write his math expression and equations.  And oldest kept asking if he really had to finish writing his paragraphs that weren't due until Monday.  And the dog whining and dropping his ball onto my feet hoping that I'd go outside and kick it for him.  And The Toad lying in bed, hoping to keep his smoothie dinner down. 


And now, remember to take time from what every REALITY has dished out to you and create something.  Anything. 



OK, I admit it.....your Reality sounds worse than my Reality! I'm happy that my daughter is grown and my life is so much simpler now...The house is quiet with exception of a barking ankle biter (Yorkie)...I love my life now, but still miss those wonderful times of turmoil as she was growing up. Enjoy those boys, they will be gone before you know it and you can sit quietly with a cup of coffee and wonder where they are today. It's a bitter sweet situation with good and bad on both ends of the spectrum! Enjoy where you are!

Oh yes, love those stars! Really cute idea for the class!

kaiandkristi said...

Haha!! I completely agree with your take on reality tv shows. (Although I have to admit that I watched 1 for the mere entertainment of catfights and found it pretty funny) We don't have a tv either, our good old laptop is it! Which makes it a little tough for entertaining with movies... ;-) Yay for the oldest for running for office!! Keep us posted on the results. Hope he gets elected and the stars are very cool. I'm sure he had a little touch of pride while handing them out to everyone :-)

kaiandkristi said...

Oh, and hope the Toad gets better and you guys don't catch it!

Carolyn King said... reality sounds quite a bit like yours....right down to the class elections!!!
Good luck to your son!!! Great job with the badges---great idea!

Sylvia said...

Where is Starla? Thanks for the visit. You all brightenen my day when you leave a comment, but I miss your creations!