Saturday, September 11, 2010


9/11.  It brings so many memories. 

Friends staying at our house and all of us around the computer (no TV) watching the panic.  The unknown. The Why?

Having a "connection" from California to New York to people that we never met as Morgan Stanley (the brokerage company the Toad works for) was housed in those Twin Towers.  All of a sudden, the "big" things seemed so little in comparison to what families were going through. 

And then.....Life

In all the panic, confusion, anger, fear, there was LIFE.

A new baby girl born while her mother watched the news in the delivery room.  A baby born with no idea of the horror around her.  A baby girl who took her first breath as someone took their last.  LIFE.

And every time I see that little neighbor girl playing and changing before my eyes I see LIFE.

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Sylvia said...

Hi Starla,
Yes, 9-11 was so horrific. I have lived in so many foreign countries were tensions were high, Saudi Arabia was the last. When Oklahoma City was bombed, I lived in Oklahoma. So when 9-11 happened I was horrified but not surprised. There are so many unrelentless people out there, in all countries and all walks of life. Yesterday was an historic day for the US Open tennis and the countries of India and Pakistan. These two countries have been at odds forever. One men's double team consisting of an Indian and a Pakistani teamed up and reached the finals where they lost to the two US brothers team. Both minister of their countries watched together, so there is hope for peace, even if it is remote. So on this day, we should pray for peace and understanding in our world!