Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Sound of Music

Is everyone ready for the BIG day?  I feel as if I'm running around like a crazy woman (WAIT!! That is what I do anyways!!)!!  The gifts are bought but no wrapping has been done.  The cleaning has been started on the house but not done.  The menu for Christmas Eve dinner has been planned but not shopped for or the baking done.  Seeing a pattern here?  Lots of pots trying to be stirred at the same time!!

Friday was the last day of school for my kiddos.  This year I conceded to the fact that I could not make the personalized gifts that I usually make for each of the teachers.   In the past I have made gift boxes of "customizable" cards that the teachers can just add the needed sentiment "tag" and for the music teacher, "singer of the day, listener of the day" certificates that he hands out to the younger kids for rewards of good behavior. With having to work pretty much full time this month, I could just not add that time stress to my schedule (you know "mommy" has been a little stressed when youngest started singing "Tis the season to be Gruuuumpy, fa-la-la-la-la!!    OUCH!!! hehe).  So this year teacher gifts were bought.  The music teacher was the hardest one, as his whole being is music.  He doesn't have any other outside interests (that anyone I talked to was aware of!!).  Soooo, I went to a local music store that I know he buys books for lessons from and got him a gift certificate.  But!! I still needed a way to present it.  I really liked the cute beanie gift card holders that Lynn presented for the Try a New Technique Challenge on SCS  but beanies are not really something that is used much in Southern California! But!! It got the wheels to turning and this is what I came up with:

I will once again apologize for the photographers lacking skills.  This was actually taken at 9:00 pm and just in case you weren't aware of it, at that time, there is not good lighting.  And since the photographer has yet to invest in one of those great photo boxes  or just good lighting for her crafting area period...we are now stuck looking at poorly lit projects!!

This was so incredible easy to make once I have figured out a couple of details.  I cut two 5 inch circles from SU's basic black paper, cutting one in half.  I placed my gift card over the full circle with one of halves over it to figure out how high my adhesive could go and hold my card in the "peeking" out position.  Adhered using my Pro Glider.  I free handed the note stem and flag and attached to the top circle and then added the  gold eyelet that allows the top portion to swing open.  Closed the note, grabbed my glue pad and my Regal Accents Flourish stamp that was still out from the last use and stamped the image and covered inj SU's Fine Galaxy Champagne Glitter (thought I had grabbed the gold....OH WELL!! The champagne is very pretty too!).  Simple, yet festive, don't you think?!!

I'm off to go on a cleaning terror!!  I hope you all have a WONDERFUL and productive weekend!! 'Till next time~~~Thanks for dropping by again!!


Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Very cool idea.

Kris Turner said...

This would be great for our praise team at church! Great idea and terrific job! TFS
Kris, Wadsworth, OH