Wednesday, December 9, 2009

DH gets Creative

Monday I celebrated another year.  Overall the day was pretty ordinary.  Had to work.  It was pouring BUCKETS, freezing and the heat is out on the bedroom side of the house (why don't they make reality shows that really SHOW what our REALITY is?!!!).  BUT!!! DH went into my creative area and made this:

Now~~here are the funny details on this card.  First~DH actually went into the LSS (local scrapbook store) and was looking to buy me some neat tool. Uhhhh, he kind of discovered that I have quite a few of them already on my shelves, LOL!!  Soooo, he found this brass embossing stencil and decided to make me a card (along with a generous gift certificate to the same LSS). 
Second:  He had to call me a couple of times asking where stuff was and request a "small suggestion" as to how to make a dry embossed image show up on white. 
Third:  DH thought he was being funny making me a skull and crossbones card since he keeps trying push buttons by  upping my actual age beyond what is already is (DH is slightly younger than I am.  But he finds great pleasure in saying I am 2 years older than him (even tho his b-day is in April and so I am only slightly over a year older~~ men can be so easily amused). 
Fourth:  Here is the kicker:  I thought he had picked out the skull because I SERIOUSLY like skulls!! LOL!! So, I thought he was being sweet and he thought he was being snarky about my age!!  BWHHAAAAA!!!

I think he did a pretty good job, what do you think?!! 

Now, you may be wondering where my creative projects are.  Remember the mention of the heat being out on one side of the house?  (since SATURDAY).  Wellllll, it is still out.  And the repairman has to find the part for our particular unit.  Niiiice.   Soooo, while it is not technically hands and body do not like sitting in my craft area when the temp is in the very low 60's.  And I can't stamp with gloves.  I'm going to try and haul some stuff out to the other room so I can complete a couple of ideas that I have in the works. 

Thanks for dropping by again.  Oldest has a baseball game this afternoon (gotta luv So Cal...."winter baseball" is possible!), so I am crossing my fingers that the wind stay down so that the temps are a bit more tolerable (it is in the upper 40's today....brrrrrr!!  There is a reason I moved from the mid west peoples!! hehe) fingers are blue from being in this room.  I'm off to drag some stuff to the kitchen so I can stamp!!

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kaiandkristi said...

Love it!! I'm actually REALLY impressed with his work! Our guys can surprise us when they put their minds to it ;-) Love the fact that he thinks you are SO much older than him!! lol! They really are easily amused ;-) I completely agree with you about the weather thing--I'm freezing too!!