Saturday, January 8, 2011

Focus 52

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  One of my aspirations for the New Year included exploring some other creative worlds besides paper crafting.  One of my  past adventures included a introduction to photography while I was still an art major in college.  I was given a great Cannon camera from my folks at that time that gave me the option to have the camera do the work automatically or I could manually choose the settings.  Great beginner camera.  I still have it, stored on the top shelf of my craft area closet. 

Only one problem with it.

 It uses film.

Does anyone even make film anymore? 

So, until I can prove that I am worthy of a digital SLR (wait.....I'm WORTHY of the digital SLR!! I just need to be able to justify the COST of it!!) I am still taking pictures with my kiddo's point and shoot cameras. 

Because my kids have all the digital fun toys and I am still stuck in the "camera with film" age.

I got the inspiration to go back and explore photography while looking at all the photos taken by  The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummonand) and her readers. Oh my!!  There are some incredibly talented photographers out there!!  And some very cool photo editing!

It so happens that one of those readers and photo contributors would be Gail of Louisiana Belle.  Last year she challenged herself to Project 365. Yep, a photo a day.  She did it too!!  Way to go Gail!!  Somewhere along the line, I commented on one of Gail's photos and we have since began, what I hope is, a good cyber/blog friendship. 

This year Gail has decided that Project 365 was a bit much. Who can blame her?  Instead, she is going for a Focus on 52 photo project.  I asked if I could join her in this new challenge and graciously, she said yes.  I figured it would take me all week just to figure out how to edit my photos at this point, but give me the push I need to stick with the slow learning curve I seem to have when it comes to computer stuff.

 The Toad, being the Prince in disguise that he is, bought me Photoshop Elements 9 recently for my birthday.  So, one of the cliffs I'm taking strides to LEAPING off is learning PSE 9 while improving my photography skills. 

This would be a HUGE cliff.

Today I thought I'd share the my first photo in Focus 52.  Nothing fancy in the editing here, folks!! I consider myself pretty lucky that I still have the original photo intact!! LOL!

First up:  Photo of the only willing subject in my house at this time:  Rusty, our lovable, annoying, sassy, but loyal, Australian Cattle Dog.  This dog SERIOUSLY needs to live on The Pioneer Woman's family ranch.  Of course, being the city dog he was forced to become, he'd probably get the bejeebies kicked out of him by an angry cow. Or by Charlie, the Basset hound, wannabe cow dog.

ANYHOOS!! Here is the photo straight out of the camera

And here is the edited version

The basic editing (that took me all morning, I might add) allowed me to bring back the color and detail from my over exposed shot.  The Toad thinks I added a bit too much color, as Rusty's collar is no longer that vivid shade of turquoise.  I say "pfffffllllltttt" and that it's not bad for my first "real" attempt at editing!

Baby steps.  That's all I've got for now.  Baby steps.  But each little baby step will bring me a bit closer to the edge of that cliff. 

I'm off now to help one kid add detail and color to his mission report that is due on Monday.  And to listen to the other kid whine that his Algebra homework isn't due until Tuesday "so why do I have to get it done now". 

Then maybe I'll have to give myself a pat on the back for those little baby steps and reward myself by  working on another project that is on my desk. 

Or realistically, I'll tackle the laundry that is growing by leaps and mounds in the baskets. 

Glad you stopped by again today!  Remember.....the first step in trying something new is the biggest one.  Baby steps will still get you closer to LEAPING. 

Till then........................explore some creativity


Louisiana Belle said...

Hello new friend. :) Thank you for the kudos on my project.

You're lucky Rusty was a willing subject; my dogs are camera shy and hate to have the camera pointed at them. The editing on this pic is wonderful; especially for a first attempt! Also, it's not always necessary to stick to the accurate colors, so although Rusty's collar may have been a different color in real life, it doesn't matter because no one knows but you! :) A little creativity and pop of color adds much interest to a photo. Not that I'm the expert or anything.

I'm so happy you decided to join Focus 52. Here's to 52 weeks of creativity! Happy clicking!

kaiandkristi said...

Good job!! I bought the PSE last year and love it, though I'll be honest--I haven't learned nearly as much about it as I would have liked yet. I'm blaming it on having a toddler... ;-) I use the basic editing functions on a lot of our pictures, but I want to learn the more advanced functions. Guess I'll be following your blog even more closely now! Love the 52 idea. That sounds really manageable! Now to tackle my pile of laundry!! ;-)

P.S. Did you ever get our Christmas card? I'm trying to remember if I addressed one to you or not after I got your address. Pregnant brain strikes again!! ;-)


My photography skills are totally lacking! Yours are very good as far as I can tell.....I love the picture and you did a good job with enhancing it!

Sadly, film is fast becoming a thing of the past....I heard recently where a factory that manufactured film was going out of business....but I do love my digital camera. That is all I use now!

Have a great day and keep taking those pictures~!

Sylvia said...

I love that you are editing your photo's. I makes such a difference. Now if I just had a better camera so that when I edit my pictures could be perfect!