Monday, January 31, 2011


OH MY!!  It's Monday!!  My weekend is a blur with all the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) hustle and bustle!  For a newbie, it is rather overwhelming.  So much to see (and not see, as I don't think I made it down every isle).  When going through my pictures I realized a couple of things

Trying to take pics with the natural light resulted in a lot of blurry pictures.

One must not get so enthralled by what she is seeing and experiencing, that she forgets to actually take pictures.

But with those thoughts in mind, I did manage to get some photos.  Grab your cup of your favorite beverage and get comfy.  This is gonna be a bit long!!

Everybody waiting for the doors to open

First up...I FINALLY got to meet Bad Sherry and Daisy.  I have "known" Sherry for 5-6 years now from our cyber conversations, but now I have finally gotten a meet her in person.  Daisy is as sweet and genuine as they come and loved hanging out with her, her oldest daughter (and her good friend!) and Sherry all weekend.

Where to begin from here?  Friday night I got to take a class from Jenni Bowlin.  She is a doll and I love her colors in her line.  I think I could put the Chili Pepper color on almost all my work.

 Next...some eye candy.  I have to say that I was probably more enthralled with the amazing samples than the new product coming out! LOL!  There are some AMAZING artists out there!

Art parts by Wendy Vecchi..........can't wait to play with these!!

O.M.G.   Having a brain freeze as to which booth this was at, but, seriously!! Look at the incredible DETAIL and work that went into this sample!!

Check out the door knob!! New embellishment from Graphic 45.  OH yeah!!  They will be fun to alter with!!

These incredibly beautiful and detailed stamps are from a company in Germany called LaBlanche.   GORGEOUS!!  They are made of a  type silicone and are mounted on a hard foam.  Personally, I think they are just gorgeous pieces of art in themselves!!  I did stamp with them and was surprised at how easy it was to get a good image.  These would look lovely stamped tone on tone with just a hint of a color wash or copic accent.  Or, just plain.

Check this out.  Made from a configuration box.  OH MY!! The incredible details!  The whole concept of it! Amazing.

Steampunk jewelry using Idea-ology pieces.  Too cool

WAIT!! Next up is a total "newbie, geek, starstruck" story.  While I was checking out the works from the designer competition at the Ranger booth, I happen to glance up. OMG!  There is Cheryl Darrow from TenSecond Studios walking around with a camera crew (RUMOR ALERT!!  Whisperings that the camera crew was NOT just recording for Taco Tuesdays....can't wait to see what THAT is about!! With Cheryl and could be anything!!)

ANYHOOS!!  So there I am looking at the designer samples, glance up and see Cheryl.  I seriously DO NOT know what into my noggin'!  I let out this scream "OMG! IT'S CHERYL" and run up to her, gushing how big of a fan I am (I am SUCH a dork!).  I am willing to bet that the look on her face was "who the HECK is this?!" 

But guess what?

I got my picture with her! LOL! 

So of course, I then made my way over to the TenSecond booth....Can't wait to play with the new molds

Just check out these wonderful samples!

Love the cross.  I have a collection of crosses over my couch. 

What a darling idea to use one of the new Big Daddy molds as a frame for the picture.  Notice the new Alphabet stamp set too?  It looks WONDERFUL on the metal

 Again, just incredible samples

And one of my personal favorites!! Love the glitter skull!! You can bet you'll be seeing a copy of this from me!!

I did take another  photo with both Cheryl and Megan when I got to their booth.  But is is sooo blurry! sniff, sniff.  

Other highlights:  Meeting Dawn Lusk, another SCSer that I've "known" forever (that picture was also blurry).  Dawn is mom to Amber, aka Bambi64, who I cyber chat with almost daily.  Met Lori Craig (SCS) who is just beautiful and TALL!! LOL!  I got to meet Deb Felts and her friend Connie (sorry, another brain freeze on the last name), Taylor, Jamie, know....all the SCS royality. 

Saw Claudine Hellmuth, Wendi Vecchi, Tim Holtz, Jennifer McGuire.....met Kim Kesti and Jessica Witty.

Well.........that is pretty much my weekend in a nutshell!  I'm now back to reality and the laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning that did not magically get done while I was gone! Hopefully, I'll find some creative play time in the next day or so!

Till then....................


Louisiana Belle said...

How exciting Starla! That place was oozing with creativity. Glad you had a marvelous time!


Doing the cha-cha dance is as close to CHA as the old girl will ever get! I'm so glad you were able to go and thanks for all the wonderful pictures you are sharing! I just can't imagine that much creativity in one place! My feet hurt just listening to you tell of all the excitement! Welcome home and back to reality! My maid travels.....but she ain't cheap!...and she doesn't do laundry.....or grocery shopping....or floors or windows.....never mind!

Sylvia said...

How much fun, it looks like you had! I am so glad you got to go. I am just now answering the comments from my blog, then I will get supper. I know it is almost midnight here. My work(play) is never finished!

Amber (bambi64) said...

I loved the wreath when I saw it. It's Natasja's Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 wreath. :) I'm just a little disappointed in you though.. no picture of you with Tim!! I would demand my money back! ;)

Beate said...

Hi Starla,
Thanks for posting some photos from CHA. It's the first time I stayed home in two years and it's nice to virtually tag along with you.
Sounds like you had a GREAT time.

Hugs and smiles

Broni said...

You are too funny! Thanks for the great photos. It actually HURT me that I wasn't able to go too this year!