Saturday, February 5, 2011

Simple Thoughts

Happy Weekend Peoples!  I'm still trying to get back into the groove of things after CHA.  It is amazing how life continues to move on without "mom" when she takes a day or so away, but how quickly she is expected to get back into the groove of reality!!

Played around some yesterday and this morning with one of the new molds that were just released from TenSecond Studios.  I also tried my first attempt at writing on metal.

Let's just say, that I cannot write in a straight line to save my life.  Kiss me a gonner if I'm ever asked to do so!!

I also learned a few important things on this project. 

1)  Always make sure that the surface you are working with the metal on is fairly smooth.  In other words, don't be lazy and use your dinged up glass table top instead of your acrylic mat.  The table top dings may add extra "texture" to your piece. 

Or maybe that is just "home made" character!

2)  When one pieces the Humungo Sticky tape only the back of the metal, one should NEVER then try to smooth out the metal.  The Tape will act as a cushion, giving a edge that is not wanted, right down the middle of your image.

3)  One should also make sure that all the bumps and such are removed from the metal BEFORE one adheres it to the front of a card.  The camera doesn't lie.

And after all that jibber jabber, here is the piece.

The base is a 5 1/2" square piece of SU's Chocolate Chip.  Very Vanilla is the next layer with the edges rounded.  The metal is Dark Chocolate that was traced from a decorative chip board piece that I had originally thought to cover with the metal for another project.  I used the new Kabuka mold for the flower. I used one of my decorative wheels for my border and flattened the inside to make a frame. After sanding all the raised edges,  I filled in the flat areas of the flower with Glossy Accents and sprinkled with Doodle Bug glitter. 

To be perfectly honest, all the bumps and grooves rather annoy me.  I'm thinking this one may get filed in Folder 13. 

I'm now off to clean up the mess from this so that the youngest kiddo and I can start his California History project.  It would seem there is NO room on this desk for the kid to work. 

Thanks for dropping by again today!!  I've got the other side of this mold staring at me as I type and the wheels are turning.....'Till then..........................remember that exploring something new might not render the results you were hoping for, but there is always a lesson to be learned from it!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you're very brave even attempting something like that! it's really pretty stunning.

i'm still jealous you went to cha!!!! but glad you're home safe & sound.

you sure you don't want some of the snow?????

hugs :)

Scrapcollectr said...

Before you consider File 13, you could probably come up with one person that would truly love this card if you sent it to them!
Pay it Forward... *smile*

RosC said...

Hi Starla,
Thanks for calling into Wild Cards. I really appreciate your shared feelings about our planet mismanagement... at times I despair that we can ever make rational decisions. At times I would even consider dictatorship if it would work!
Love your card here and your commentary about what works. Keep going. I have some metal sheets to experiment with so might get something to share some time soon.

Beate said...

Wow! That flower on the chocolate metal looks amazing! Thanks for the tips on what not to do when working with metal. I so need to get into it because I LOVE the look.
When is your tutorial coming up again?
Hugs and smiles

Beate said...

Starla, that flower looks amazing. Thanks for giving us tips on what NOT to do.I really need to get started playing with metal. I LOVE the look. When is your tutorial coming up?
Hugs and smiles

Sylvia said...

Starla, Unless the camera lies, I do not think you should discard this at all. It may irritate you, but I like all the background texture. Put it away for awhile then come back to it and see what you think! Remember, you said you were stepping of the cliff! so do it and don't appologize for it! Hugs to you!


Starla, I have to tell you...this piece is wonderful. Don't file it in 13! If you need somewhere to put it....send it to me. I'll keep it and then I can say I knew you when! We are most critical of our own work and just because it is not exactly what you envisioned does not mean it is trash!

Louisiana Belle said...

Throw away?? This is really good. I think the texture adds a lot of character. But I totally understand how it may not have been the masterpiece you had envisioned. Happens to me all the time with photography. I think the piece is truly lovely; hopefully you can find a way to salvage it. Keep trying! You're really good!