Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Time

This past week has been crazy in this household.  And, unfortunately, it is becoming a typical week. I worked more hours than was scheduled.  My mornings were greeted with cries of "MOM! I need school pants!"  "MOM! I need socks!" "MOM! We're out of milk again!"  The Toad is running around crazy trying to coach too many different basketball teams. 

I spent my "free" afternoon with the oldest Kiddo in Urgent Care.  He now has a splint cast on his wrist and a follow up appointment with the ortho doc on Monday.

On Friday, while rummaging through all the unfolded clothes that have come to make the bench in my room their home, I saw it.


That's it.  I've hit my max. I'm tired of being a step behind in our daily lives.  I'm tired of trying to ignore the piles of 1/2 done laundry and the dust.  Soooo.  This family has been warned. We are ALL going to get this house somewhat on track this weekend. 

Which means that visiting blogs and actually having fun creating ANYTHING are going to be put on hiatus for a few days on my end. 

Minus the time spent playing in the snow (again).  Guess since we rarely get snow, I should let the kids enjoy that moment. 

Enjoy your weekend.  'Till then............. 


Anonymous said...


Louisiana Belle said...

Hope things settle down for you all soon. The snow sounds like a fun distraction, though. :)


Would you like to borrow my maid? Her name is "Polly", she comes in on Thursdays or Wednesdays, or Tuesdays, or whenever she feels like it. She doesn't do windows or floors.....She doesn't clean bathrooms or closets or ovens or refrigerators; she is cheap and very can depend on her to never show up when you need her. Oh and did I mention.....absolutely, positivily, no LAUNDRY!

kaiandkristi said...

Hope you had a productive weekend! As for the snow part, we have plenty to spare! Still under at least 2 feet here and supposedly Spring is just 2 weeks away--yeah right!! Can't wait to see more of your creations after life settles a bit!