Saturday, February 12, 2011

In the Pink

Today my computer decided to FINALLY recognize my camera cards!! YEAH! 

Of course, it is now throwing little snits in other areas.  But I'm just going to ignore those for the time being and get this card posted before the stupid thing decides it is going to cut me off of blogging!!

I know I'm always making excuses for my poor photography skills.  Obviously, I need to increase the practice in that area.  But! In my defense on this photo, may I just remind you that my computer REFUSED to download my pictures yesterday?  Therefore, I was  unable to see if I needed to have a repeat photo session.  I did.  But the card has been given to the birthday gal already.  There are no "do overs".  So, we must all do with what we have!!

Yes, I used the dreaded pink on this!! For those of you new to my blog, pink is NOT a color a I gravitate too!  It is just a TAD too girly for me! haha!  Once again, I pulled out the Bugaboo digi's for my fun, somewhat snarky card.  After resizing and printing out on GP 110# (my printer REFUSES to accept my preferred Pure Luxury), I colored the image with copics.  I matted the image on a piece of SU pink ( I have NO idea which pink this is...perhaps Pixie Pink?  Regal Rose?).I used the scallop punch from SU to trim the bottom portion and sponged all the edges with Pixie Pink.  The dp is from S-E-I's Black Orchid. The paper obviously has some embossing on it, as it glaringly shows! Again, that was layered on the pink and adhered to a Pure Luxury 5 1/2" square base.

The sentiment comes with the image and was again re sized and printed out on the GP paper.  I used the classic and scalloped oval dies from Spellbinders to frame it.  Sponging was done on the scalloped edges with Pixie Pink.

I actually decorated the inside too!!  Those pictures were in no shape or form presentable! I edged the bottom with another strip of the dp on the pink.  I then used my computer in a matching font (as close as I could find) to print out May your bank account be overflowing on your birthday!  This was also cut out with the classic and scalloped ovals.  I had even colored some self adhesive gems pink and used them above and below the sentiment.  Too cute.  You'll have to take my word on that!

My desk is already cleaned up and ready to start the next project!  Now, if I could only say the same about my kitchen! snort! 

'Till then.....................make some creative time in your weekend! the wonderful white highlighting?  OMG......tried to fix's still there.  I'm leaving it.  Time to walk away before I do something I may regret!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i LOVE pink!!! and i love GIRLY!!!! what does that tell ya??? yep... i LOVE the card.

story for ya... hubby was once in a store paying for something and he said.... oops, my last check. i must be out of money. can you believe the cashier REFUSED to accept his check????? what a dork! hubby was just kidding!!!!! some people!

hugs :)


I too love pink and you outdid yourself on this one! I love the image and the sentiment. Too cute!
The birthday girl will love it!!