Friday, February 11, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship

I'm in a Love/Hate relationship. 

I find that I'm somewhat (ok, possibly overly) needy of my time in this relationship.  I find myself  feeling I have to connect several times a day. 

Maybe that is a sign that I need to step back and just let things flow in a more natural way.

But yet, I find myself incredibly frustrated with certain aspects of this relationship.  Communication tends to break down frequently, causing angry thoughts on my part.  Justified?  I'm not sure.  In truth, the lack of communication is probably my fault.

Yes, once again, me and my computer are on the outs.  While I can post my frustrated thoughts here, my computer refuses to acknowledge that it recognizes various cameras/cards that it recognized two days ago.  Of course, this happens after said computer decided to upgrade itself yesterday.

So.  You will all have to wait to see the latest card creation. Brace yourselves~~~I even used the dreaded PINK on it!  I'm calling in to my "relationship" expert this afternoon.  Yep.  Time for the big guns.

I'm going to have the Toad download a new spyware program. 

It's time for my computer to commit to this relationship.  In all aspects.  Including one of the most important~DOWNLOADING MY PICTURES!!!

I'm going to go prepare myself for the confrontation now.  Till then..................


Kathy said...

Oh dear! sounds like you and your pc are very out=of=sorts with each other. I hope you make friends again soon!

I've just checked out your lovely room in the post below - I'll have lovely shelving like you have in the not-too-distant future. I'm just dreading the bit between!

Louisiana Belle said...

As I read this I was relieved to find that the beef was with your computer, not a person! I remember those days of being PC. Now that I have the Mac it all seems like a distant (bad) memory. Hopefully it will start cooperating soon.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

oh i hate when that happens. like the damn thing is possessed. happened to me just day before yesterday. i logged off and when i logged back in in the a.m. it rebooted .. all by itself. sure, like i need testing for alzheimers - from a computer no less! shoot the damn thing - lol.

hugs :)

CuddlyBunny said...

Relationships are so much work ... we love them and love them and still ... they refuse to compromise.

Better luck to you ... and your computer. :)


Ok...first set your computer so that it ask's you first before it upgrades and adds stuff on it's own. For now you can do a "restore to earlier date" to back peddle and get to a point before the change. Otherwise, I got nothing. Hope you have a great weekend!