Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't I live in Southern California? and Some Framed Love and Supercraft show ramblings!

Hey Peoples!!  Didja think that I forgot about this poor little blog?!!  Heehee....

What a week we've had for the weather in Southern California!! First, it RAINS (which if you listen to the song, it NEVER rains in Southern California!). And I don't mean a little bit of rain, I mean RAIN!  Then guess what we woke  up too on Friday morning?

our backyard 7 am....snow still coming down

My courtyard fountain

cozy little spot to sit

what use to be large pepper trees on the bank edge

Can you belive this?!!  We are at about 3300 ft of elevation and we got about a foot of snow!! We also lost all electricity early in the am until about 4:00 pm.....luckily, we have a gas fireplace (not as warm as a wood one, but we kept warm) and a gas stove so food was not a problem.  Schools were cancelled (again, a snow day in Southern California?!! People, I moved away from this stuff for a reason!! LOL!) much to the neighborhood kids delight.  The streets and nearby hills were loaded with snowmen and kids using boogie boards and some snowboards.  I got the day off as I don't have a four wheel drive and was not able to get out of our driveway (or out of the garage for that matter) to try and make it down the hill. 
I did manage to get a card put together between breaks of  taking pictures of my kiddos and trying to keep my hands warm.  But of course, I couldn't upload!! Go figure!! LOL

*(Of course, I still haven't figured out the photo program that came with my new computer.  I think I just need to spend a little time and figure out what photo program I want to use and download so I can get some decent photo enhancements!!....'cause I have lightened this photo and can't figure out how to get the saved version for here!!)

I stamped the college heart from Just for Fun Stamps using SU markers in Real Red and Basic Black on Gina K's pure luxury cardstock.  I then stamped the different elements again cutting out and layering each one with dimensionals.  Here is a close up view that kind of shows all the different layers better:

I used the tutorial on SCS for the recessed window and figured out my dimensions to make a 5x 5 card base with a 3 1/2 x 3 1/2" window.  Now, the first window that I made, I used SU's whisper white.  I DO NOT recommend this particular paper for this technique.  Why?  It is not strong enough to handle the weight of this card.  My inside corners tore, the top edge frayed and the bottom portion bowed out.  I tore apart the card and made it again using Gina K's 120# pure luxury cardstock.  MUCH better. 

Now I'm going to confess my mess up on the embossing of the frame.  I acutally had planned to DEboss.  Which I did on my practice frame (to figure out my make sure everything I had thought I had figured out~I actually did!!) and on the SU paper frame.  GREAT.  Guess what I did on my "final" frame?!!  I placed my embossing border the WRONG way.  Fine.  I'll just go with it.  THEN I realized that I had embossed the wrong edges first so that I couldn't line up the dots to continue down the sides correctly.  SOOOOO.  You have only the top and bottom embossed "on purpose".  BWHHAAAAAA!!!


SUPERCRAFT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!  Guess what I did yesterday?!!  I went to the supercraft show in Anaheim!!!! Now, before you get all excited wanting to see "new" stuff.....this is not the CHA retailer portion of the show.  This is the part opened to the public.  BUT!! I did get to meet sooo many of the SCS "stars"!!!! 

I actually met Daven and Jenn in the parking lot.  Jenn remembered my posting on SCS that I might not be able to get out of my driveway and come to the show.  I got a wonderful "I'm so glad you made it" hug from her and Daven!!  Then I met Beate (gorgeous smile all the time!) Lori, Jimmi, Heidi, Cami, Sharon, Jami, Valerie, Joan, Deb, Dawn, Lisa......AAAACKKKKK!! I'm forgetting names but can recall faces!!
Here are some pics:

OH WAIT!! Star struck me introduced herself but DIDN'T TAKE ONE STINKIN' PICTURE!! DOI!!! How stupid am I?!!! 

And, I finally got to meet up with CAKath, my online "workout buddy"!!!  (she worked out....I kept working out my chewing skills!)...What a blast that was to walk around and see so many "familiar" faces!!

Whew!! What a weekend!! 

Thanks for dropping by again!!  I'm going to throw in another "snow" load in the dryer and see if I can find some clean space to create something else (being around crafting all day helps the creative mojo to get flowing (wink)!!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

been missing ya! what fabulous snow pictures but i'd be a bit worried about mother nature if she did this in a place where it is not the norm. but gorgeous pictures.

and i just love the card.

hugs :)

kaiandkristi said...

LOL! That looks like it's a picture straight out of Michigan!!! Heard about MGA's snow day from facebook--hint, hint...;-P Looks like you had a ton of fun. We've been wishing we could hit the hills to ski or board all the nice white stuff, but things are sooo different with a baby (in a good way, of course).

BTW, I'll let you in on a little secret...SoCal is one of the three places we're considering, it's just so hard to find work here as a dentist because of all the dental schools in the we'll have to see. We love the area and would love to stay. So no worries yet:-)

LOVE the card again by the way. I think you should start auctioning off your lovely creations for those of us who envy your amazing talents ;-)