Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why I don't get manicures

Guess what?! I have no card AGAIN for you!! (don't look so surprised!! By now you all should know that I can be such the flake when it comes to making cards!!)
Actually, today I did a different type of creating. My front room has french doors flanked by two LARGE windows. And every day I kept looking at my patio pots and cringing.
I have two of these large pots on each end of my patio. Not only do the pots need to be re-painted (that will be another day's project) but obviously, the plants needed to be replaced.

So, today I decided to spend my morning at the local nurseries (yes, I went to three different ones trying to find something that inspired me).

I left the pale grey plant (which is developing buds for the yellow flower that blooms on it) and spent a HORRENDOUS amount of time trying to dig out the green grass. Geesh....for something that wasn't growing, it sure had put down a tough root system!! I had found two of these BEAUTIFUL red grasses and filled in the spot left over with the red/yellow plants (that will spread way too big...but I'll just cut back...these puppers are hard to kill!! I have some in my front yard beds and even the gopher that tried to move in couldn't kill them!!) I just realized that I probably should have made note of what the plants are: but I have already thrown out the plant stakes. I just liked the pop of color that this combo provides.

While out on the patio I decided to weed my other flower beds and get them ready to plant. I know that I should wear gloves when pulling weeds (especially since we do have black widows and rattlers (obviously poisonous) and bull snakes (not poisonous) that like to hide under the agapanthas). But I HATE wearing gloves!! I have really short, stubby fingers and finding work gloves that fit is really hard. Plus, I just don't feel like I can grab the weeds as well. Wellllll......this is the reason I don't spend money on manicures~

Lovely, eh?!! I was trying to weed under my ground cover roses and they decided to bite me!! I think a manicurist would faint at seeing my poor cuticles!! hehe.

I do have a couple of card ideas floating around in my head (yes, there is lots of room for them to float!). I even have an idea that was inspired by my planting today. Tonight will be spent helping DS put his presentation board on the Galapagos Islands together. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I will have some time to play with stamps of plants!! (cringe!! That one was bad!! LOL!)

I hope that you find inspiration in something new today~~whether it be a card, a plant, a picture or a memory. Take it and create something!! Thanks for stopping by!


Sherry Cheever said...

I for one would leave the pot as it is . . . I LOVE what you planted in it. I hate to wear gardening gloves as well, and leave my nails short for this very reason.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

This is still art! My DH has some old pots he wants to put out but he thought he'd give Jade (our 3-1/2 yr. old granddaughter) a few cans of spray paint and let her have go at it. He says it'll be very colorful and will add to the yard - the back yard that is. Still waiting on that one!

These were great pics and your pots look lovely!


Joan Ervin said...

Awww, a girl after my own heart...I love plants and run around with dirt under my nails most of the time!!! I love your pot full of gorgeous flowers and foliage!! I tried something different with my big pot...I rubbed it down with yogurt and kept it in a dark area for a while and now it has the coolest looking Martha Stewartish!!!