Friday, May 8, 2009


That's me. I am a disgrace to all stampers. This week I already pushed the envelope by not making even a TAG for teacher's appreciation day (I did buy a plant for my kiddos teachers.....ok, ok!!! Even that was a day late!!) But last night I did the unthinkable.

Last night I broke the unbreakable rule for all stampers. I asked DH to go buy a card today.

I am not sure that the stamping jury will even listen to my defense. But I'm going to make mistake number two and represent myself and give the following in my defense:

At the beginning of this week, my oldest DS was invited to a b-day party for today. So? You reply. Here is my problem. I usually only work a couple of times a month. This month, I have 9 days scheduled (I know, I know! All you full-time working moms are already saying to yourselves~ "suck it up girly"). This week I will have completed 4 of those 9 days, with today being a 9 hour day (that does not include the 40 min drive each way to the job). The one day I had off this week, I spent trying to find my kitchen again and then a couple of hours in the afternoon volunteering at the school selling script cards. The other evenings have been spent trying to get a soon to be 12 y/o boy to write/type up a report on the Galapagos Islands (which is due Tue of next week....and no, it is still NOT DONE!! grrrrr) and help him paint his presentation board (which also, still has to be completed).

I still planned on getting the card done. Really. I got up at 5 am yesterday and started to CASE (copy and share everything) a card that I saw in the latest Papercraft 225 Cards and Gifts issue. I even picked out one that would require little to no stamping. But of course, I took too long to pick out my papers (and since I was trying to use some scraps, I had to work on fitting what I had with what I wanted for the layout). I got some of the card layed out but then had to leave for work. No biggie. I planned on coming home and after dinner, finish up the card. Except I encountered a couple of problems.

Remember the previously mentioned report? Well, DS spent his evening (and mine) typing. At the desk that I do my stamping/cards one. I thought about taking my stuff out to the kitchen but the problem was, since I was putting the whole card together by bits and pieces, I didn't even know what to take out there to finish the card!! Told myself that after the kids were in bed, I'd finish the card real quick.

Then the phone call. A friend "threw out her back" earlier this week. I had been over to her house earlier this week to get her set up on a TENS unit (electrical current used to "block" pain) and instruct her in some modalities and postural awareness so that she might be able to return to work. Last night at the kiddos bedtime, she called and asked if I could go over there again. What is a friend to do? I went over there and spent an hour with her getting her into alignment and instructing her in some beginning stabilization exercises.

By the time I got home, I was tired, weepy at the thought of having to work 9 hours today. And the thought that the card was for a 12 y/o boy who wouldn't even notice the work entered my mind. And in that moment of weakness, I broke down. The request was made.

So I beg of you, the stamper jury, to have mercy on me when you consider my sentence. Please. I promise that I will stay up until midnight tonight making my MIL's card for mother's day ('cause I will be gone all day tomorrow with MIL looking at design houses and shopping! ) if you will just give me another chance. I PROMISE to be good from now on and never utter those words "would you please buy a card" again.

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Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Now if you join in my "sock it to me Saturday" you could win one of my cards and you would have had a hand-made one to use. OK. I'm bragging. But I do hold "sock it to me Saturday". Check it out on my sidebar.

I actually gasped when you said you sent DH to BUY a card. OMG!!!! But, because you are very busy being a mother, wife & therapist, I totally forgive you. And while I'm at it.... I wish you a wonderful Mother's Day. I love ya no matter what.