Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Out of My Comfort Zone

My DH has a theory about artists. He feels that everyone has artistic abilities, but somewhere down the line, we are influenced by adults, teachers, parents, friends or what have you, and start to put our imaginations and creativity into a "box". This box is what tells us that we must paint the sky blue, stay within the lines and don't mix this with that. The younger we start to put ourselves in this box, the sooner we lose our ability to really "create". Those we deem "artists", are those who refuse to but themselves into that box and are still willing to take chances with their creativity.

I find it amusing that people find me "creative". I know that I can paint or draw a picture, but I usually have to look at something for inspiration. I'm such the "visual" person that I don't think I can "see" the details enough to create something out of my head. I love to put together ideas for a room, yet, I'm always afraid that I might not like the outcome (what is the worse that can happen? I have to repaint?!! Throw out something that I thought would be perfect?!) I think that I am in my creative box, but the flaps aren't locked down. I can see out of the box, but I'm just scared to actually STEP out of it!!

I love the grunge look that Tim Holtz is famous for. I'm just in awe of how he can take all these different colors, elements and make them look FABULOUS!!! I have quite the collection of trinkets (haven't noticed them being used, have you?!!) and inks from his collection, but I just find myself afraid to go in the opposite direction of my usual CAS.

BadSherry, aka Yoda to this padawon, is another person who I so admire for her skill in making grunge look soooooo fab!! I think my fear of "being too cluttered" gets in my way of just letting go when I try to create this look. Sherry is another one who can combine all these different patterns, embellishments and make them work!

But!! I today I decided to give it a go. If I don't start pushing those box flaps aside, I will never grow in my creativity. Here is the beginning of a journey out of my comfort zone

I took Distress Inks and swiped them along my craft sheet. Used a spray bottle to mist the inks and laid my vanilla shipping tag in the ink (BadSherry calls this "that inky thing she does"!). Dried with my heat gun and laid it down again in the ink to get the missed spots. I stamped the images from Tim's set "Flights of Fancy" using Black Soot Distress ink. Since these stamps are clear, it is easy to position them where I thought I wanted them without using my favorite tool, the stampamajig (tho, I will confess to using the printed backer sheet for a rough visual placement before stamping!!). I then lightly sponged some Vintage Photo distress ink along the edges. Remembered that I had some cool fibers from my friend Melody (aka Laceyquilter on SCS), had given me a while back. Knotted those on.

Definitely not my CAS look that I've been doing lately. But I tried something new. And I rather like it (didn't say LOVE it....but like is a good way to continue on the willingness to try this again).Supplies: Stamps: Flights of Fancy, Tim Holtz. Inks: Ranger Distress Inks in Spiced Marmalade, Worn Lipstick, Faded Jeans, Vintage Photo and Black Soot. Accessories: Spray bottle, multicolored fibers.

Thanks for stopping by again!! I love your feedback and I hope that today I can encourage you to try something out of your comfort zone when creating.


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

You may like it but I love it!! This is gorgeous! I love the way you tried something new and the results you came up with!! Fantastic! I will have to try that "inky thing you do"!

Sherry Cheever said...

Yoda here! I LOVE this tag and am so tickled that you tried it. My dear padawon, this is your style whether you like it or not! Keep branching out like this and spreading your wings . . . you're at the start of a fabulous creative journey!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Holy moly! This is gorgeous! Like totally gorgeous! Your colors are fabulous! The image is wonderful. It so totally rocks!

I was NEVER into art. Which is funny because my mom was an artist and my son definitely has the ability. Me? I was the music one in my family until 2001 when I was introduced to stamping. Who knew I had creativity in my head????

Thanks for sharing this beauty and wonderful story.


Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Way to go, Starla! I love it. Keep on pushing those flaps (or should I say wings) and pretty soon you'll be flying!

Carolyn King said...

Beautiful...your background is awesome girl! Lookin good but just remember that you do not have to stick with one style----experiment and do lots of different things...that way you wont get bored! lol!

Dawn Mercedes said...

wonderfully done, Starla!!

Joan B said...

Ooh. Love this tag. Always wished I could do this. Maybe I need to take a lesson from you and forget the rules. Great job.