Thursday, December 6, 2012

Black Metal Rose

Howdy Strangers!! Oh wait!  It's me that has been missing for a while!!

 I was all set to apologize for my absence, but then I realized that I would be apologizing for the fact that I have been busy with family happenings that have trumped creating.

And to be honest, I'm working on NOT feeling guilty or feel that I need to apologize for that.  I sooo admire those who are busy with family, jobs and life happenings, yet are still able to create several times a week.

Nope.  That's not me.

But!  You didn't drop by to hear me ramble about my weird guilt trips!

This week the high school boys are gearing up to ask out dates for the Winter Banquet.  Oldest kiddo is going to ask a classmate who shares his preference for 80's rock and metal music.  When he asked other friends to find out her favorite flower, she replied she likes "black roses.  A single black rose".  

Now, I don't know if she was being silly, but a black rose she will be getting!!

A black metal rose, that is.  

I have made roses out of metal before, using die cuts.  But I wanted a larger rose than what my available dies  were going to allow me to make.  I went online and found this template that I felt would work perfectly.  

I printed off the template onto regular copy paper.  I then traced  the templates with a Teflon refiner (you can use a stylus also) onto the metal by layering a thin mat, the metal and copy paper.

After tracing and cutting out the different pieces, I ran each layer through my Big Shot with Spellbinders M-Bossabilities Ornamental Iron.  

I then used a burnishing block to sand off the raised portions to expose the silver aluminium.

Usually, when making roses, you glue the petals of the larger layers into a cone shape.  Since I was wanting to adhere the rose onto a "stem" (a bamboo skewer wrapped in more of the black metal), I skipped that step. Using a hot glue gun, **Warning** Hot glue on metal gets HOT!  Be careful when handling!! I built up from the center out, wrapping and gluing each layer as I went.  Sorry there are no pictures of this step.  My hands were a tad bit occupied trying to maneuver the metal over the hot glue without leaving too much skin!! 

I wish you could see the texture and layers better!! Trying to photograph shiny metal at night is a bit beyond my photography skills at this time! LOL!!  The layers and texture add an elegance, yet still edgy, look to this "black rose".  

Basic supplies:  Rose Template from  Metal, mat, burnishing block (sanding block) and Teflon refiner:   Ten Second Studios Rock Star Black.  Embossing folders:  Spellbinders M-bossabilities Ornamental Iron and Cuttlebug Swiss dots.  

Well, that's it for me today!  I need to clean up this mess and start thinking about a couple of other projects that I would like to get done by this weekend!  

'Till then.....


Kristen said...

wow! that is one lucky teenage gal! Love it. If she doesn't she is a fool and not deserving of your son! even on a friend date! ;)

mab822 said...

What a great mom you are! It is wonderful.

Micki said...

OMG, girl that is too freakin' elegant, I absolutely LOVE it! LOVE it. Sigh, one of these days we'll get together so you can teach me the ways of metal. Hm, maybe after the holidays, we can all SKYPE and do some "online" crafting? As for feeling guilty - DON'T. I know, I'm a good one to say that but I try not to worry about posting. Takes all the fun out of any craft time I have, kwim?
Big hugs!!!!

Beate said...

Your metal work is always beautiful!

Glenda said...

I always love it when you play with metal. This rose is simply amazing!

Sylvia said...

What a gorgeous metal rose, Starla, you continue to amaze me with your metal work. Have a lovely Friday and remember how much you get done is not important, just enjoy the season! Hugs!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

between your busy life and your fabulous creations... where do you find time for ANYTHING! what a very lucky girl she is. i hope she knows to KEEP that bouquet!!!

it's gorgeous!

hugs :)

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

This is wonderful!

Dawn Barrett said...

oh...super snazzy! I like this!