Saturday, February 4, 2012

CHA Update

Hey there People!  I thought I had better pop in before someone sent out the Search and Rescue team to find me!

CHA was a blast!  Daisy was the ultimate hostess and treated us to a luxury weekend at the California Grand Hotel and a wonderful tour of Disneyland.  Sherry and I ended spending the afternoon exploring Disneyland together until our feet demanded we head back to the room before a FABULOUS dinner at Club 33 with all the E-Team plus a long time friend of Daisy's.  I finally got to meet E-Team members Linda Ledbetter and Linda Duke for the first time!  Let me just say that Linda L is as cute as I thought she would be and I'm sorry that her class schedule prevented us from spending more time together!  Linda D is a RIOT!  I ended up walking most of CHA with her and had fun being in the shadow of stamping royalty!!

You are probably wondering where are all my pictures of the new product coming out.  Uhhhhh.  Let me explain.

This year, I did a lot of meeting people in the industry (one of the perks of following Linda D and Sherry around).  And I'm not the type to ask for photos with them.  Not that I wouldn't love photos of these creative icons, but mostly because that would mean I would have to have my photo taken.  And I HATE my photo taken.  Yes, I know.  I need to get over that.  But that didn't happen this past weekend! haha.

Let's see if I can remember who I met:

Karen (imastampin on SCS) and Wendy (wendybell), who were both in the original challenge chasers group way back when I first joined SCS.

The wonderful duo of Stacy and Jeff, owners of Spellbinder's.  And I got to say a quick hello to Heidi Blankenship   , who I was on a previous design team with in the past.  And the absolutely adorable Juliana Hudgins.  I have to say that her new dies from Spellbinder's are something that I originally didn't think I would use, but after seeing them in the various projects the Spellbinder's design team came up with, and working with the die at Juliana's make and take, my mind was racing with different ideas for them!  As soon as I save some pennies, these dies are going to come live with me!!

I also met Donna Salazar.  She also has some new dies out with Spellbinder's and are also on my wish list.  I'm afraid I may have to start working more to afford all of these dies that I want from Spellbinder's new release!!

Then I got brave and begged the incredibly talented Wendy Vecchi to please, please make the different modeling films in her art parts line on a roll.  I would love to use that stuff for "sculpture" ideas floating in my head, but don't want the limitation of the size of the sheets. 

And the grand dame herself, Suze Weinberg.  I got really brave and stopped Suze when she was passing by me.  She was so nice!  She was very encouraging in my growing interest in making jewelry and using wax as a medium. 

As far as products, I went off the paper craft trail and did some exploring of other booths.  I have been finding myself wanting to explore more mixed media type creations and wanted to see what was out there.  Let me tell you, there is sooo much out there to spark your creativity!  I want the ENTIRE line of Viva Decor products.  I played around with some ArtDeco paints for glass and fabric (which I also want).  Then there was the Ice Resin booth.  Oh yes!  I'm going to get my desk top cleaned off so I can start pouring!! And there were other companies creative paints and molding compounds that I need to look into more.  Very cool stuff. 

And no pictures.  I'm such a bad blogger!  I was just caught up in the products and asking questions that pictures were forgotten.  One of these days I'll get it all together!!

I will be patting myself on the back as well as tooting my own horn in my next post.  I even have a tutorial to go along with all the self congratulating!!  'Till then.........


Sylvia said...

Just stopping by and checking in, Starla! WHAT NO PICTURES! You are not very good at multitasking are you? A momentous trip and no pictures! Oh well, Have a good Sunday anyway!

Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Awww, I was sorry to not see any pictures, but sounds as though you were overloaded with a lot of fun, new products. Looking forward to your horn tooting. :)