Saturday, February 18, 2012

There is a Reason God Gave Me Boys

Today started out good.  The Toad and I began our day with a walk with some friends.  Then I came home and started working on a card that the Oldest Kiddo needs for a birthday party for one of his classmates tomorrow.

Did I happen to mention that this classmate is a girl?  A 14 year old girl?

Just in case you are new to my blog, allow me to introduce my family.

The Toad....the man who graciously puts up with my crafting and (even though he will deny it, encourages me to try new creative outlets)

My two BOYS:  Oldest Kiddo and Youngest Kiddo. 

The dog.  Also of the male gender. 

And of course, there is always an extra friend (or two or three) present too.  Also, 99.9% of the time male. 

Needless to say, I am surrounded by testosterone.  Which is fine.  I'm use to it and I have never been what I consider a "girly girl", so most of the time I can just roll my eyes at them and retreat to my own little crafting room when the testosterone levels get too much for even me to handle.

But my testosterone filled world has created a rather difficult problem for me.

I have NO IDEA how to make cards for 14 year old girls.  And the only help the Oldest Kiddo would give me was, "well, she's not really girly, she likes the 80's  and Kevin Bacon".  Thanks Son.  I'm kicking myself right now that I didn't order that stamp set,  "9 degrees from Kevin Bacon". And to top it all off,  the first card I suggested got the wrinkled up nose and the "nahhhh....I don't think so" response.  Great.  Now I have to come up with a card that is not only for a 14 year old girl, but it now has to be a card that my 14  year old son isn't embarrassed to give her.  NO PRESSURE. 

After spending countless minutes (I refuse to acknowlege the possibility that those minutes turned into an hour or more) cruising the web for "teen" digital images that I thought I might be able to use, countless galleries, images from different stamp companies, challenge blogs and even Pinterest, I finally came up with a card on my own. 

 Base:  5 1/2" square of Pure Luxury White.  Mat of SU's Kiwi Kiss.  Design paper is from Creative Imaginations "Loolah" that I was lucky to get in a class kit at CHA.  The butterfly punch is Martha Stewart.  Die cut sentiment uses Cuttlebug's Olivia dies.  A Quickie Glue pen adhered the black mat to the letters and the sentiment to the layout.  The rhinestones on the butterflies, explanation dot and the center of the flowers are also from Creative Imaginations and were found in the same class kit. 

The Oldest Kiddo deemed this "cool", which I take to mean that he won't be embarrassed to give it to the birthday girl. 

Feel free to leave me any ideas for girl cards.  I'm afraid that this won't be the last one. 

'Till then.......


Sylvia said...

Your birthday card is sure to please his friend, Starla! Having had two girls and two boys, I had plenty of practice with both and have two DIL's now. Good luck girl, but you know I always had kids at my house. The funniest I can remember was when Amy and her friends were at the bowling alley and took the youngest with them. Andrew was four and was caught singing a James bond song and kissing one of Amy's friends on the knees! He had a girlfriend in every country and city we lived in! He gets his doctorate in biology, this May! Oh my the memories! Have a wonderful Sunday with all the men in your life!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i'm sure the girl is gonna love and is probably way more "girly" than oldest kiddo thinks!

this is just beautiful! great "girly" colors! you did good mom!

hugs :)

Deborah Anton said...

LOL!! I SO understand!! I have twin boys and when they had a girl invite them to a party, I had NO idea what to buy let alone making a card!! You card came out beautifully!

Marlena M. said...

Your card is BEAUTIFUL-very cool! I have three girls, so I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. It's interesting to hear your end. ;)