Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Crafting Day

How many of you have read Judith Viorst's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day?  It's about a little boy who has one of THOSE days.

How about Starla and the Terrible, Horrible, Really?! Are you kidding Me?!!  What Else Can Go Wrong Crafting Day?!!

Haven't heard of it?  Seriously?

Sit back.  Let me tell you a (short) tale.

The Youngest Kiddo still gives Valentine treats in his classroom.  Of course, I always suggest going over the top and making some cute treat that the classmates probably don't even notice while tearing off the paper.  Well, the girls probably notice.  They are at that age.  This year, no different.  I found this cute idea on Pinterest (my lastest obsession). The Youngest Kiddo and I started late Sunday evening getting all the pieces together.  He die cut circles, and scored lines while I cut paper.  While he was at school Monday, I assembled the treats while getting a sugar high from eating so much chocolate.

I waited to make the tags until he got home from school.  I didn't know exactly what he wanted to do, and this is the Kiddo who definitely has an opinion on such things.  While he was finishing up his homework, I got busy with the computer portion of the tag.

This is where the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Crafting Day begins.

First, I started with trying to make the sentiment in PSE (photoshop elements).  Did you notice the little word try? I have no idea what I clicked on, but despite having a rather large font size, my entire sentiment was printing out at less than an inch.  Fine.  I switched over to plain ol' Word/Works, whatever.  Get everything how I want it.  Copy and tried to paste onto another column.  Got the top one done in the second column. Then things just went wonky and would NOT line up in the second column. 


Tried to print out the sentiment onto colored SU card stock, which usually my printer has no problems with.  After jamming the printer four times, the Kiddo and I decide to print out on white card stock and just mat the sentiment onto colored card stock. Put in the white card stock that I always use and hit print.  My stupid printer kept spitting it out and printing on the regular print paper!!  


Ok.  I am now beyond frustrated.  We die cut the regular copy paper sentiments and then I trace and cut around the outside of the die for just a slightly larger colored mat.  17 times.  The Kiddo and I tag team the taping of the copy paper to the colored mat.  Kiddo punches holes for some twine.  I tie bows. Kiddo sticks sentiments onto treat.  The cheap, double sided tape doesn't stick well.

I don't care.  I tell the Kiddo to just stick them on again as he hands them out. 

Despite the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Crafting Day, I really think the treats are cute.  And since you patiently read the entire saga (or pretended too) here is a picture of the treats themselves!!

Rolo candy covered in SU Summer Sun that was cut 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" and trimmed with Antique decorative scissors.  Score lines made ever 1/4".  SU Cameo Coral paper for the eraser.  Small Spellbinders classic circle for the top.  Good ol' kitchen tinfoil for the eraser band.  Hershey Kiss, with tag removed for the pencil lead.  Everything (but the sentiment!!) stuck on with Scor-tape. 

I'm hoping that all the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Crafting Day vibes are gone today.  I need to make the vegetarian version of Pigs in a Blanket for the class party.  I REALLY don't need to have one of THOSE days in my kitchen!! haha!!

'Till next time......hope you have a GREAT creative day!!


Beate said...

You crack me up Starla. I am glad you stuck with it even if the printer tried to drive you crazy. The treats look adorable. And don't get me sucked back into the Pinterest vortex. I lost a whole weekend the first time I was there.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hugs and grins

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

sheesh. can't help but laugh and admire your perseverance!

absolutely LOVE these pencils and i'll bet the kiddos did too!

u r too funny. hope your day is way better.

xtra big hug for valentines!

Sylvia said...

Laughing at your expense, but I think we have all been there with the computer, Starla! sorry you had such a bad day, just sucks doesn't it? Life's lessons are not so much fun sometimes, but the outcome was great and it gave your son something to tell about the treats he took. You need to do a memory page for him on that one! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Julie Hoffman said...

LOL, sorry you had such a tough time with your crafting ~ I can totally relate! these pencils are adorable! Love them! I'm a bit obsessed with Pinterest too! Pinning your pencils next :)

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

These are awesome!

Micki said...

girl.... sadly almost all my crafting endeavors (and photography editing) are THOSE type of days. So I can totally relate but damn, those treats are awesome!!!!!!!