Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Lazy Days of Summer

Do you remember when summer time meant sleeping in until the bright rays of the sun pulled at you stronger than the comfort of your bed?

When days were spent running around the neighborhood with friends and cousins until dinner time?  Then the evening games of tag, hide and seek, with special effects of "Daddy shot all the bears last night, there won't be any bears tonight", and the screams when the "bear" would jump out and chase you all over the yard while screams of terror/delight filled the air?

The days where you had so much time that you could finish not one, but TWO books in a day?

Those days no longer exist. At least not in this household. 

In the three weeks since school has been out, the Oldest Kiddo has participated in basketball boot camp, volleyball camp, started summer league basketball and will start cross country tomorrow.  The youngest Kiddo, having the fate of being born second, hangs out in the gym all day with his older brother or in The Toad's office while I'm covering vacationing therapists at work.

There has been no lazy days of summer here.  But as a family, we have been enjoying the lazy EVENINGS of summer.

Ice cream bars and fruit soup for dinner. 

Windows open to the cool evening breeze (just a few more weeks of that PLLLEEEASE!!) while as a family we watch movies all night long.

Obviously no creating has been going on. 

Except the creating of memories.  I've decided that the creating of memories outranks the creating of cards or such right now.  Not to say that I won't be doing any creating at all over the next month or so.  I NEED to create for my own sanity.  I'm just giving you all a heads up that the creating might be a bit more sparse than usual over the next month or so.

I want my kids to look back and say "Do you remember when we would sit around eating ice cream bars and watch Myth Buster's all night long?"  Those summer evenings were the best"

The lazy days of summer might be jammed packed.  But the lazy evenings of summer still exist. 

Till then...............enjoy the evenings!



Thanks for bringing back so many wonderful memories for me! I too am experiencing some life all around me and totally enjoying it. I haven't even had my camera out for several days. Just enjoying family!

kaiandkristi said...

At first I was going to comment, "Man! It's gets even busier than this??" But then I kept reading and decided that it sounded wonderful! Glad you're taking some time!

Sylvia said...

You are right, Starla, creating memories is more important than anything else you could do! I had to come back and tell you, Tim Holtz came and commented on my post yesterday, the dancing in the rain post. I was so excited! It's nice that I can still make memories, too.