Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Exploring Creativity...........

............in it's purest form.

This past weekend I went hiking in our local mountains with my friend up Spitler Trail.   We went to where the trail meets up with the Pacific Coast Trail,  not climbing the extra two miles to the peak itself.

Trust me, we still had an incredible view from where all the trail heads meet.

This hike is amazing in that fact that you go through so many different types of terrain. 

And the views.

About 30 minutes or so into the hike, looking back down to where we started.  The yellow in the far distance is a field of wildflowers

And speaking of wildflowers~~there were so MANY gorgeous flowers along the trail.  I did not stop to take pictures of all of them (smack!).  There were vibrant blues, red, yellows, purple and white.  Some were growing in just rock and sand.  AMAZING.

These yellow flowers are itty, bitty, growing in the rocks and sand. 

Why, and how, they grow in these conditions is just amazing

 Wild lilac bush.  Smelled wonderful and reminded me of my grandmother. 

The trail itself goes through wooded areas, desert/brush areas.  Different terrain, with different ecosystems.

And the view at the top

Looking down into Palm Springs and Desert Springs.  Desert in front of me and literally mountain terrain behind me. 

Did I mention it was just AMAZING?!

10 miles.  4 hours.  Good workout.  Good company.  Wonderful views. 

It's all about enjoying the journey.  

'Till next time.........................


Louisiana Belle said...

Impressive. 10 miles is quite a distance. Good for you! Love that view of Palm Springs.

Sylvia said...

Great pictures, Starla! It sounds like you really enjoyed the time out! I have never been able to hike that far and surely can not now, but I love looking at the pictures! Have a wonderful week!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

it's ALWAYS crazy at your house! you must be skinny and very healthy and i'm ALWAYS happy to see you and read of your escapades.

your photos are fabulous. there's a career for you.... photography! i know... who has time - lol.

hugs :)


Old age and poor feet would keep me from this adventure, but I feel almost like I went along with you. Thanks so much for the pics! My hiking days are long gone!

Broni said...

Gorgeous photos, Starla! Sounds like a wonderful place to visit nature!!

kaiandkristi said...

Great pictures! I miss hiking! It seems that ever since kids came along, serious hiking has taken a back seat...all the stuff that we'd have to carry, plus carrying the kids just makes it not as exciting ;-) But I miss the views and exercise, so thanks for posting so I can vicariously live through your experience :-)