Friday, April 29, 2011

Kinda Prickly..........

............but Blooming!

Hello People!! Have you all just about given up on me EVER posting a new project?  I've had moments (usually when I'm at work and can't do anything about posting) when I've thought that maybe I should just put up a sign on my blog saying

Out for Life.  Will Return When Able

I, unfortunately, am NOT one of those mom's whose house is always organized and clean (I will spare you the details of the condition of my kitchen floor), who can manage to go to work more days than not, deal with the kids, laundry and all that other "life" stuff, exercise (because I can either exercise to relieve some of the stress or I can eat.  Actually, I'm stress eating and need the exercise to offset that little bad habit somewhat!) and still create.

Nope.  Somewhere along the line that particular gene skipped my family line.

I have been stressing working on a couple of projects in the few minutes I have found here and there.  I just can't share them yet.


A couple of weekend ago, we went with some friends out to Joshua Tree National Park.  A group of us went hiking  to the Lost Horse Mine after lunch.  While coming back down the trail, I happened to spot this cactus in bloom.

Don't ask me why, but it seemed so symbolic of my life. 

All kinds of "prickles" but still a spot of wonder and beauty.

I can decide if I want to focus on the thorny spines or the bright, wonderous color of the flowers.

I'm trying to focus on the bright flowers.  And sometimes, that means that some things have to be put to the side. 

But that is ok.  Because everything has it's season to bloom.  Sometimes you just have to be patient.

'Till then.....................


Louisiana Belle said...

Starla, these cactus blooms are gorgeous! Glad you are able to get outside with your camera more.


I was wondering what happened to you girl! When you left a comment on my blog, I knew you had come up for air. Don't scare me like old lady will pee her pants for that! Glad you at least have a couple of minutes to create here and there. Don't stay gone so long!

Sylvia said...

Hang in there, Starla! All the things you do are important when you have kids in the house. YOu should see my kitchen floor. Unfortunately when some of us get older, we can't do the supermom thing anymore and that's where I am right now. So there are a lot of things that need doing, but I am focusing on the beautiful ones at the moment! My cats don't seem to mind!

kaiandkristi said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the great reminder! I can completely relate. Our life is so crazy right now that I don't feel like I can accomplish half of what I'd like in a day. Glad to know that you (a.k.a. superwoman) have those same feelings too :-) Great pictures too!