Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crazy, but Thankful

Yes. The ol' blog has gotten dusty this past week (a lot like my house!) I originally thought to make a quick post apologizing for my lack of posting.  But then I realized that I would be apologizing for my crazy, busy life.

And that is so wrong. 

My crazy busy life is just that...........crazy busy.  Crazy busy with end of the year projects, end of season games, band festival, filling out forms for Honor Society that oldest was nominated for, dentist appointments, MD appointments for broken wrists (still), teacher/staff cards from Home and School, dental appointments, and weekend hikes with family and friends.

Then just add the regular goodies of life, such as working more hours (which I really should stop complaining about.  After all, I'm lucky to have a job that allows me to work only part time!) laundry, a half attempt at cleaning and throw in an hour of exercise a day (which I was desperately needing for my mental and physical health) and POOF!  The week is done. 

And obviously, no crafting is done.

But even with all of this going on, I would not change it.  I'm very lucky that I have two healthy (minus one semi healthy wrist) kids, who are able to participate in so many extra activities, yet still get excellent grades.  I'm lucky that I'm married to the The Toad, who volunteers most of his "free" time coaching not only his own kids, but the older kids too, because he believes in the program.  And for the fact that he doesn't expect dinner on the table or a spotless house when he does get home.  'Cause that is soooo not happening! LOL

I'm lucky that I have a job that allows me to work part time, and in an atmosphere that is mostly fun, yet professional.

I'm lucky that I have friends, whose schedules are even more crazy than mine, yet who are willing to suffer along with me for an hour each night trying to get back into shape (versus round). 

I'm lucky that even with all of this, I am able to squeeze in some paper crafting, some photography, some type of creating at least once a week.

Nope.  I don't have time to create every day.  I don't have the energy or mojo to create every day. But maybe that is a good thing.  If I got to do it every day, maybe I wouldn't appreciate what it gives to me when I am able to do it. 

So, I'm thankful for my crazy life. 

And just to let you know~~~there is some mojo working over time today to finish up another fun project brought to you by the E-Team.  Oh yeah!  Tomorrow is going to be POPPIN'!! 

'Till then......................be thankful


Louisiana Belle said...

I think breaks between creating definitely helps you appreciate it more. I know I feel that way with photography when I'm not able to shoot every day.

Congrats on your child being nominated for honor society!


Hang in there girl, those kids grow up and are gone before you know it...then crazy busy becomes....let's see....what can I do today. And the total silence of the house can be overbearing sometimes. So enjoy it while you can and the crafting will still be there when you are ready!

Michele said...

Thank you so much...

Sylvia said...

Read and learn, Glenda is right! I had four and a husband and I did what you are doing, I think that is why I like coming to your blog. Starla you will have plenty of time to craft, just know that we all miss you, so just hang in there!