Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Treading Water

Hey Peoples! Have you missed me? (did you even notice I was gone?!)

I'm still having computer issues. Stupid thing still refuses to connect to the Internet (I'm writing this on my phone. Who would have ever imagined that one day our phones would be capable of such tasks?!). Anyhoos!

I would REALLY like to get the dang thing fixed, but I have had no time to even think about sitting on the phone for the amount of time it would take to understand some computer geek to explain what I need to do. It would seem that somebody (ahem) scheduled herself to cover vacationing therapists all this week. DUH! What the heck was I (I mean SHE)thinking? We are in the last two weeks of school! This means a push for those last minute projects, field trips, "skip" days, etc.! Not to mention the oldest kiddo has a birthday this coming weekend, and is planning on having some friends over for a weekend of Xbox, movies, air soft shooting and eating me out of house and home.

Did I mention that this same kid graduates from 8th grade the first week in June? And that the same lousey secretary said I would decorate for the reception? Just smack me now!
I also have his b- day card, graduation card and the graduation cards for four other kiddos to make. Of course, this means that if and when I'm finally able to use my computer, I should have quite a few cards to share!

So. I hope you will all hang in there with me until I manage to get on top of things. I really do miss posting, and even more so, visiting my favorite blogs! But! This is just a crazy, busy time. Things will slow down in the next couple of weeks( well.....somewhat, anyways, LOL!) and hopefully I'll have my computer up and running by then and lots if goodies to share!

Until then.....

P.S. Please excuse any major typos or funky paragraphs. While it is incredible that I'm able to do this on my phone, it is NOT ideal! Lol! Not easy to see my whole screen or correct mistakes!

I'll be back!


Melody (lacyquilter) said...

If you are doing all that, I think maybe you are walking ON water! Good luck on the computer issues.

Sylvia said...

Glad to finally hear from you Starla! I was hoping you were busy, but OK! Hang in there girl and of course you know that now you will have a ninth grader in the house!Hugs to you my friend.

Louisiana Belle said...

First of all, you were missed! I noticed!!

Secondly, I'm impressed that you typed all that from your phone!

Finally, I hope you get everything done. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Hang in there!