Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today I am Thankful for this technology that lets me connect with wonderful people across this country and across the seas.  I have made so many "friends" through this medium.

I am Thankful for the the many men and women who are willing to give up their family time to ensure that I have the freedoms that I take for granted too often.  I am Thankful for their loved ones who carry on at home without them.

I am Thankful for The Toad who may grumble about the fact that the office was suppose to be "his" space but is now over taken with my crafting stuff.  And the fact that he is willing to bail me out of creative jams, more often than not.  And most importantly, that he understands my need for creativity. Even when I undertake yet another venture.

I am Thankful for the Kiddos.  Who knew that being a mom would be my greatest pleasure, my biggest frustration, and something I wouldn't give up for anything?!!  I am Thankful for the sweet hugs I still get. 

I am Thankful for the fact that I could just write a whole essay for what blessings I have.  How lucky am I?!


Sylvia said...

Happy Thanksgiving Starla! Thanks for being one of my blog family!


Happy Thanksgiving Starla to you and your Family! I'm just sitting here enjoying the calm before the storm. Everyone will be here at 6PM and the eating will begin! Then on to the festivities of the upcoming Holiday Season. Take a good deep breath and jump in with both feet!

Louisiana Belle said...

I tried to comment on this post this morning with my iphone because my internet router died, but word verification is not available for viewing on the iphone. I forgot what I was trying to say, but it was probably that I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that I would be grateful for technology too, if only mine were working. Anyway, hope yours was good. Sounds like you have the right attitude and idea about the season. My new router arrived today and we're back in business. Yay! Now I really am thankful.

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh! the toad is dh?? haha...sorry!

Still, all your stuff is completely "factory worthy!"