Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am NOT a photographer (sigh)

Hey People!! I'm still around, but life is just crazy around here and is not allowing for much paper creativity.  I have spent the last couple of evenings at my oldest kiddo's middle school varsity volleyball games.  It has been kind of a tough season for this year's team as they only have two 8th graders.  The rest of the team is made of  6th and 7th graders.  There is a HUGE difference between a 6th grader and an 8th grader. But, all the kiddos have improved and have managed to win a couple of games.

My oldest also happens to be one of the editors for the school's elementary/middle school yearbook.  Last year was his first year working on the yearbook and he and the other co-editor (both very involved in the middle school sports program) decided that they wanted to add the middle school varsity sports in the yearbook.  Only one little, itty, bitty problem.  When you are playing the various sports, it is rather hard to take pictures of the sport activities!!  Enter Mom.

Now, while I don't mind taking photos of the various sports activities, there are a couple of problems.  The major one being I only have a point and shoot camera.  One that has a very looooong delay.  Not ideal for taking action photos.  So, being chummy with the computer/yearbook teacher, I asked to borrow the yearbook camera to take photos.   Now I'm trying to take photos with a camera that I have NO idea how it works.  And still having to anticipate the shot as this camera doesn't have the "hold the button down for a continuous sequence of shots" feature. And I have no idea how to adjust for the glaring lights of the gym. But I thought I'd share my (sad) attempts at being a sports photographer.  Because this blog is all about EXPLORING creativity.  And that means trying something new.  And having a really STEEP learning curve.

Concentrating hard on the serve.  Not a strong point in the Kiddo's game

Bump, get ready to set......

Who says white boys can't jump?!! hehe

It would appear that Mom needs to adjust the focus just a tad!!

While these photos have a LOT of room for improvement, I am now making a list of requirements that I would like to have on a SLR camera.  And am open for any suggestions that you may have in this department too! 

And.....I figure that the Kiddo got what he paid for in the photographer.  I'm suggesting that he kick in to the fund for a new camera for Mom so that she can practice a LOT more.  And maybe a new photo editing program would help mask some of the amateur mistakes that Mom made.  Yep.  The Kid needs to pony up some moolah to the "Help Mom be a photographer" fund. 

Remember~~exploring creativity is all about trying something new or out of your comfort zone. 
Till next time............



Wonderful pictures; you would never know that you were not familiar with the camera...You handle being out of your comfort zone well!

kaiandkristi said...

I completely understand about the whole new camera thing. We have a friend with a great camera too and all my pictures I took on it were terrible, but the continuous shoot thing was awesome!! BTW, I think you did a good job! The Kiddo is getting so tall btw! I know I've said it before, but how is that even possible??