Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Problem with Technology

The problem with being "hooked" up through technology is that when said technology decides to quit working properly, one either has the choice of having a nervous breakdown because she can't have her daily dose of reading her favorite blogs or take a deep breath and actually spend the time getting much negelected chores done.

It would appear I took a deep breath.

Ironically, it would be my high tech phone that is somewhat saving the day. I can obviousy make a post. But adding pictures to a post is another matter. Somehow, I don't believe my mediocore photography will improve using my phone. Especially since I have no access to basic editing tools to enhance my lack of skills.

The Toad is very much aware of my distress. But he is busy muttering words that I will not share with you in regards to a leaking shower faucet that has decided not to release from the wall. I don't think I will add to the vocabulary lesson my children may be learning.

Till then, I'm cleaning my craft area in hopes that I'll actually be able to share something soon.

If you hear a anguished "Nooooooo!!!!!" later in the day/week, you'll know that all attempts at bringing back my stupid computer failed.

Deeeeeep breaths

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Seems like when it rains it pours! Hope things are looking up for you. Everything we own is old, old, 0ld and breaking down one thing at a time. I get so frustrated dealing with repairmen! I could write a book! Hope you are BACK soon!