Saturday, September 19, 2009

Under Construction

I thought that maybe I lost my mojo in the mess that I call my stamping area. So I got the wild hair to clean it up and see if I could rescue mojo.
Guess what?
~I've now got a BIGGER mess.
~I'm wondering where all this JUNK came from ('cause heaven knows I didn't store this stuff!)
~I have actually found out that I CAN throw away craft stuff (aka junk) without having a heart attack.
~Did you know that sample boards (from a side trip into faux painting) do you no good if you don't put the recipe on the back?!
~I have also confirmed that I HATE THIS TYPE OF CLEANING (ok....I hate any type of cleaning...but REALLY HATE this type)
~I SWEAR that I will never let stuff get this bad again
~I also know that I'm lying when I say it will never get this bad again
~I am wondering how many more random thoughts I can come up with just to avoid going back to the job at hand
~ETA: came up with some more:
~I think I need a different type of storage boxes (ones that stack better) but how can I go buy stoarge boxes when a) I'm not sure where the stuff is going to go
b) I'm not sure WHAT I need until I get stuff put away
~how can I put stuff away if I don't have the right storage?
~I am in a vicious non-productive circle right now.
~Did I mention that I HATE this type of cleaning?!!
~Maybe I should just pitch the whole room and start over.

sigh......ok.......back at it. All of this misery just so I can find poor mojo. He had better come up with some pretty awesome stuff when I find him for all this trouble that I'm going through.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you are way too funny! mojo has been on a disappearing act for alot of us so don't feel so bad. i found that if it's something i'm not gonna use, give it away as blog candy! some of us love the trash!


Carolyn King said...

I feel for ya-
I go through that about every six months and HATE trying to organize it all!