Monday, September 28, 2009

Keeping True..... the analogy of being under construction, this project of getting my office in order is taking longer than it should, LOL!! Seriously, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. But I've run into a couple of snags. First: Trying to replace the baskets that were used on the shelving that I'm recycling with shelves. Seems that the first Home Depot didn't have ANY shelves for the system (they have the system....just no shelves). Which means I now get the fun job of hitting all the somewhat local Home Depots and Lowes to find the shelves.

Second: I was looking for a better system to store all my various and extra ink pads. I have this wonderful storage system on my desk (a birthday/Christmas gift combo (yeah....I'm a Dec. baby!) from DH one year), but was not thrilled to spend as much $$ this time around. I wanted something that would kinda match the shelves that I am using, be affordable, yet sturdy (don't ask for much!!). I think I found the solution here. I ordered the Pro value package as I was needing something to store my ever growing collection of punches also (currently, they are just lined up in front of my stamps in the closet....kinda out of sight, which means I don't think about using them as much as I need too!!). I considered getting the ribbon storage unit also, but have my ribbons already on these ribbon bobbin thingies and just need to figure out what type of container I want to store them in (currently, they are in THREE different types which does not make for nice and neat stacking). Unfortunately, this system won't be here for 2-3 more weeks.

I also ordered the Stack and Store from SU and some more paper storage. I'm REALLY trying to do this right so hopefully, I won't have to worry about this for another few years (hahhaaaaaa!)

So~ what I am wondering is: what is YOUR favorite storage/organizational product or tip?! As this room is still not done, I am open to ANY and ALL suggestions for making this room a more efficient place of creativity!!

BUT!! Never fear!! I WILL be creating something before this room is completed! LOL!!! I just need to sweep off the piles that are on my desk so that I have room to stamp. My guess is that they will just become a pile on the floor again (sigh).


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

well you certainly sound very organized to me!!!! (1) i use the bobbins for my ribbons and store them by color in an empty SU stamp box in a drawer with a label. i have a dresser in my craft room, so the drawer is long and deep - which helps. (2) i'm in desperate need of a punch storage and the bottoms of my drawers are getting too heavy and starting to fall out - UGH; (3) i bought that 3-drawer plastic thing from walmart and have it on a shelf (bookcase) with my ink pads. this all works well for me.

sure hope you take pictures of your room once it's done, because you just cannot keep teasing us like this - LOL

hugs, my friend.

Rose said...

Good luck with your reorginzation. I desperately need to do the same thing but I keep putting it off and everytime I think about tackling it, I just stare at it and clean a space big enough for me to create in.