Sunday, August 9, 2009

Two Fistin'

(Insert HUGE sigh here___________). Yup. It took me until late last night to get the birthday card done that is needed by noon today. For those of you who care (or don't really care, but are curious to see a glimpse of our family life) more details of how my Saturday was spent can be found below the card details.

I had a totally different idea originally for this particular 8 y/o boy's birthday card. But~~reality struck at 7 pm that I just needed to get the card DONE. Forget forging new ground. I had previously cut out the basics for a card I had seen in PaperCrafts 225 Cards and Gifts issue (the "For You" card on pg. 30, by Kimberly Crawford). Yes, this is the card that was suppose to be created when I gave into the stress of no time and requested DH to go BUY a card (I still shudder over that one!). I got out all the parts/pieces and of course~CHANGED MY MIND!! I'm tellin' ya!! I am my own worse enemy!! I just happened to look down and see the pack of sports designer paper. Well, this kiddo plays sports all year round. Somehow, my more "western" theme just wasn't going to cut it. While it is "manly", it didn't fit the personality of the kid. And isn't part of making homemade cards being able to "fit" the recipient? Yes, that's what I thought too!!

Put away the western look (shock....notice I put it away!! I did not just move it to the side!!) and started pulling out cardstock to match the dp I wanted to use. Decided to continue with my version of the card in the magazine. Cut my dp for the front. CUT IT THE WRONG DIRECTION!! (smacks head over this one!!) Yes, it mattered since the "words" were going the wrong way. Fine. Took a deep breath, and cut my next (and last) sheet of this pattern. Managed to get it right the second time. Messed around with what I wanted to do on the front for waaay too long. Finally, got all the elements the way I wanted them.

I used my circle nestabilities to cut out the circle frame (of course this is the second "frame". The first one I decided was too thin (is that possible?! oh yeah...we aren't talking about my waist here! I digress). Then I cut and embossed the stars using my star nestabilities. Waaaay too much time was spent trying to make a tag to cross the front of the star to stamp the "ALL STAR" onto. Had it in my head that I wanted that element to go across the star. FINALLY, I got my brain in order and using my markers to selectively stamp the words, I took the horizontal sentiment and made it a vertical sentiment.

Now, this is were the two fistin' comes in. The inside. The wonderful card that Kimberly made for the magazine has this great pop up element that holds a gift card. The magazine was even sooo helpful as to provide the template. I, being the inept engineer that I am, ALWAYS makes a prototype out of scratch paper just to make sure that my pea brain got it right. So, I make my prototype out of printer paper. FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I CAN'T GET THE STUPID THING TO FOLD CORRECTLY WHEN THE CARD IS CLOSED. Ok.....decide to make one out of cardstock (this is where I use all those "pinks" that I don't know what to do with). Get it all cut, scored and temporarily adhered to a previously messed up card base. THE STINKIN' THING STILL FLOPS WRONG!! Deeeeeep breaths. Call in for help (which means I hollered for DH to help me!) He suggests making the fold that holds the gift card deeper. I'm getting pretty frustrated at this time so I go to the kitchen and grab a small handful of chocolate chips. Awwwwww. I can move on now. Soooo, I make ANOTHER cs prototype (good thing I have LOTS of pink paper!). THE STINKIN' THING STILL DOES NOT FOLD CORRECTLY WHEN CLOSED AND THE GIFT CARD STILL FLOPS FORWARD SOMEWHAT WHEN THE CARD IS OPENED. Back to the kitchen. Grab TWO big handfuls of chocolate chips. This is getting ridiculous!!

Finally, I decide that this is one of those ideas that looks great for the photo op in the magazine, but in reality, does not work out that great. But I do not have time to try and figure out how to make it work for me. Soooo.....being as this card is for an 8 y/o boy we just eat a couple of more chocolate chips and adhere.

hat this photo doesn't show, is that on the front portion of the gift card holder is another "score" mark that was made when the card is closed. For some reason, the pop up portion does not fold correctly when closed. I give up!! The stars were all cut and embossed with the various star nestabilities (great size assortment). The sentiment was stamped in white craft ink.

By the time this card was done, I was ready to start drinking (I don't have a problem with drinking personally, except that I don't like beer or wine. Mixed drinks can be wonderful. But I don't drink them because I don't need the empty and extra calories. Sooooo, instead I load up on low fat/low calorie chocolate chips......snort). Supplies: Paper: SU Real Red, Whisper White, Brilliant Blue, Deja Views Sport paper and punch-out tablet. Inks: SU white craft, Brocade Blue. Accessories: Big shot, Spellbinders nestabilities circles and stars, stampamajig.


Family life for those who are still here!

Having kids encourages you to visit places that you might otherwise just brush off. Yesterday we loaded everyone (including the grandparents) up and drove into LA to visit the La Brea Tar Pits. The pits are just stinky tar pits. Seriously. They smell and look like the tar roofers use. There are a few pits that you can walk around (fenced off, of course). And you can go into the Pit 91 area and look down into the work area and see how they section everything off into grids and dig out all the bones from the ice age. You can actually see bones from prehistoric animals sticking out of the mire.

The Page Museum is pretty interesting. Inside has exhibits of the skeletons found in the tar pits (All photos were taken by my 12 y/o).

(can't remember what creature this was!!)

Mammoth and Dire Wolf.

There is one wall that has over 400 Dire wolf skulls. That is just a small representation of the 1600 skulls of the Dire wolf that they have found. There are skeletons of mastodons (smaller than mammoths but same type of elephant linage), ancient camels, ancient bison, bears, lions and birds of prey. The size of these animals is just amazing!

The boys with the skull of a saber tooth tiger

and a family shot in front of a ice age lion.

Not shown was the "fishbowl". This is the laboratory that you observe the scientists and volunteers meticulously clean and separate the finds. There is also the "cataloging" area where the bones are carefully documented and put into trays. Currently, the "fishbowl" is working on "Zed" a juvenile mammoth. HUGE!!!

If your family/kids are into Ice Age and prehistoric creatures, the Page Museum and Tar pits are a must see.

Well, thanks for hanging with all the ramblings!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what a fabulous card. and you definitely aced the gift holder part! way better than i could ever do!

love the pictures! nice to see the family!

you are way too funny! always keep me ROTFLMAO! i love how you persevere tho'. gotta respect that. you do it so well.


LeAnne said...

Starla, this card is sooooo cute, and I know just how you feel when something takes WAY longer than it should. AND, I thought I was the only one who snuck choc chips out of the bag to eat as a snack....oops. Kids & museum---looks like a fun time!

LeAnne said...

Starla, me again....I just have to tell you, the word verification for this post was:
FOLDSOUT.....swear it!

kaiandkristi said...

Love it! The card is again awesome--I love the pop up thing even if it was a beast to figure out;-) The museum looks like a place your boys would LOVE--I can't believe Grant is going to be in 7th grade!! Time has sure flown by!! You're right, I'm not going back this year. It was a really hard decision to make. I'm a little sad that I won't be there again, but it's a lot easier as I realize I would have to start leaving Kasen TOMORROW. I can't believe how fast 5 1/2 months went... I will still have to come up for visits though. BTW, I'm so happy to know other people go for the chocolate chips in moments of frustration too;-)

Candy said...

Well I think your effort and chocolate chips turned out a fabulous birthday card and I know the 8 y/o boy will love it!!

Carolyn King said...

Starla...that gift card holder is soo cute!!!
LOVE your family picture!!!

Savor the Journey said...

Marvelous card! I know exactly what you mean about 'time' too. Definitely!
And those dinosaurs!! I know they're quite impressive when standing in their presence. Great getaway!


Joan B said...

Wow this card rocks!!! You need to post more stuff. Ok, not need as in do it or else, but really your work is great!