Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Still Here....

.....let's just say that back to school is a little rough. We are working on getting back into the elementary groove, figuring out the new Jr High groove, trying to help the oldest make decisions as to what extra curricular activities he will be involved in, is there time for the extra practices, lessons, etc., on top of the increased homework load?

I have some photos that I REALLY want to share of 6 kids who weren't afraid of being creative. I spent some time last night prepping the photos. But lack the time today to put them here (DANG that work thing!!). But I hope that you'll stop by again tomorrow to take a peak.

Also have some ideas for some cards that are seriously taking over all thought processes. I REALLY want to give them a go. That time factor (and the fact that my house is a disaster, there is NO food in the cupboards, I have ants trying to move in almost every room of my house, AND that I need to start riding my bike to prepare for our trip down the coast in Oct) is something I have to work on for myself too. How to fit it all in?

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Kerney Whitman said...

hmmm...those ants are at my house, too!! And weird, they don't go for food, just water. But they are around the perimeter of every room and door frame. I'm intrigued about the 6 kids...will I know them? As a ps~ remind me to talk to you about bible study :-)