Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Retro to Modern

A little background history is needed to explain this (belated) Father's day card.
A few months after the Toad (DH) and I got married, we bought our first home. It was a condo that was decorated in a lovely 70's shade of avocado (?) green. All the walls had wall paper on them (including the kitchen ceiling!). We were both working full time and trying to train daily as we were racing mountain bikes also at the time. That did not leave a whole lot of time for working on updating our new home. So, when the TV died, we decided not to replace it ~ that way we would not be tempted to sit in front of the boob tube instead of getting stuff done. (There were many jokes among our mountain biking friends about our entertainment highlights being putting a red sock in with the whites and watching it go round and round in the wash).

Forward to 15 years later. While we finally did get a TV, we never hooked it up to cable (the only way to watch it). All we could do is watch videos and later DVD's (and since we were joined by two children in this time period, our TV viewing pretty much was catered to them....veggie tales for a Saturday night, anyone?!!). At Christmas time, we bought the boys a Wii for their big present. But!! It was kept at Grandma/Papa's house because the deal with the kids was that the playroom had to get cleaned out to make room for the Wii. It actually worked out pretty good. The kids were not always asking to play the Wii as it was something that was just done on the weekends when they spent the night at their grandparents house (yes, I'm very lucky.....my kids spend almost every Saturday night at their grandparents!!)

When the oldest turned 12, we brought the Wii over to our house since he was having a friend spend the night. We had many discussions and decided to keep the Wii at home. But!! All those "threats" of the playroom having to be cleaned out, never came to be. 'Cause mom and dad finally figured out that there was not enough room in the playroom that was needed to allow more than 2 kids in there and safely play!!

So, we are sitting in the family room with our little TV in this very LARGE nitch that DH had made for our entertainment center. The Toad calls up his buddy to "just go look and see what is available". Yeah, right. He comes home with this HUGE flat screen TV (one should never let two males go look at electronics without a female present!!). Sooooo, guess what DH's father's day gift was?!!! hehe

Here's the outside of the Retro TV card:
This card is LARGE. It measures 6 1/2" x 5 " not including the rabbit ears. All the knobs were just outlined along the edges with my black copic marker to give them some dimension. Now, here's the kicker~~the inside

BWHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!! I LOVE this image from Art Impressions!! Hehehe!! It's PERFECT for this card, don't ya think?!! I originally wanted to place the "flat screen" tv on the little tv table that Art Impressions has to go with this set. But the angle I had made of my TV screen did not work out with the table and I was too lazy to draw my own (decided that this flat screen was up on the wall). The sentiment on the screen was done on the computer. The border around the TV is faux. The image was stamped on Gina K's 120# Pure Luxury paper and everything was colored with my copics (Once again, I'll apologize for the poor picture. I wasn't able to fold over the top of the card due to the rabbit ears, and trying to hold the card, take the picture and keep the dog from messing everything up, it was a miracle that I got this shot at all!!).

This card took me forever to make mostly because I thought too much about the coloring instead of just doing it!! But I'm very pleased with how it turned out (too bad you can't see all the subtle shading....I about broke my arm patting myself on the back with this one!! hehe)Supplies: Paper: Textured 12x12 creamy caramel and going grey. Brushed silver and chocolate chip and Gina K's 120# pure luxury. Inks: Stazon jet black, copic ciao markers. Accessories: punches galore!

Thanks for stopping by again today. I'm going to try and get a couple of more projects done to spread out over the next week or so. My kids are leaving on a trip to Yellowstone with their grandparents (have I mentioned that I have great In-laws?!) and are taking my....uhhhh, my son's camera, with them so I won't be able to upload anything new!! (When I mentioned to DH that I needed to go buy myself a camera since the boys were going to be gone for a week, he just looked at me and said, "can't you go a week without posting anything?". HEELLLLOOO!!! This man does not GET the importance of blogging!! BWHHAAAAAAAA
I promise I'll post something one way or another...it just might have to be some "blasts from the past" type of thing!!

Have a good one!!


Anonymous said...

This is great, and I love the story!!!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

what a fabulous and funny story. never, ever, let a man go shopping by himsef unless it's for his underware! absolutely wonderful card! it should win an award.


Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Love the TV - pure genius!

Kerney Whitman said...

Per-fect-O!! Will you be getting cable next? Now I know why the boys didn't want to go to VBS!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

ooh, super story and totally great card. I didn't even make DH a card. I figured that was the kids' job! He's not my dad. haha. BUt I did send one card to my dad...something I had designed for PMS;..so I sort of cheated.

Joan B said...

this card is so clever. genius!!

Carolyn King said...

lol!!! Great story and fabulous card too...so creative!

Joan B said...

oh my goodness, look at that TV. you are so clever!!!