Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Out to Lunch

I wish!!
Sorry folks. The creativity just may not happen until this weekend. I am working all week covering for my boss who went skiing for spring break (is it Thursday yet?!! Geesh, my body feels like it should be!!). This full time working has me EXHAUSTED come evening and I just don't feel like doing much more than picking up a book once I get home.
I probably should stamp some images to color. Previously mentioned boss is having a b-day next week, along with my father. And I just found out I need a sympathy card too. Sigh. Too bad stamping is NOT an option at work!!

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Stef H (GlitterbabeGreetings) said...

You poor thing! Sure, he's out having fun and you're working your butt off! What was he thinking? Oh I know.... he's thinking that you are the perfect person to keep the place running smoothly while he's gone! Now THAT'S smart!

You are missed.