Saturday, March 14, 2009

Creativity at it's WORSE

Allow me to inject some personal info here. Our family is BIG into biking. Seriously. DH and his father have raced mountain bikes for years and DH has also raced road bikes. Both he and his father also commute daily on their bikes. Before the kiddos came along, I joined in on the mountain bike racing scene too. It is just a part of our lifestyle.

Ealier this week I tried a new way of going into the garage. With DH's bike up on the roof rack. I have determined that this is NOT the way to do it. This is the result. YUP....the bike sheared at the head tube. It is now in TWO pieces. Sigh.......

Now, my only saving grace was that DH has done this same thing TWICE. But, it was to his own bikes. Not mine. Sooooo, being the charmer that he is, he is enjoying rubbing this in. And his friends are enjoying rubbing this in (mind you, most of them have done the same thing at least ONCE....when you ride all the time, it's usually a matter of when, not if, that you will try to enter the garage with your bike on the top rack or forget about it going thru a drive-thru).
I think I should try and stick to crafty creativity vs. driving creativity.

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