Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ode to the 1920's.....and the '80's?!!

Windows are open. Cherry trees are blooming.  Short sleeves are becoming the norm.

Somehow it is hard to fathom that most of the country is blanketed in snow when it would seem spring has sprung here!!  While I looove the warm temperatures, we are so going to regret not getting any moisture this winter once all this new growth starts to brown and burn!!

I really didn't pop in today to gloat  talk about the weather we are having.  I actually made a card.

Twice, in ONE month.  

Miracles never cease!!

Oldest Kiddo once again needs a birthday card for a classmate's celebration later this evening. Once again, it would seem the card request is for a young lady.

I'm beginning to think that only girls at this age have birthday parties.  It would appear to me that the guys just pound on each other, give a fist pump and figure that meeting at Del Taco is a good enough celebration.

Or, maybe, it is because 17 year old boys can not be bothered to "plan"  events.  Events would require thinking beyond what their next meal/snack is going to be. And possibly moving from the sprawled position on the couch.  

I digress.

 I usually try to make birthday cards for the young ladies a bit more CAS (clean and simple) and not overtly girly, so that the Kiddo doesn't cringe in giving the card.  Now, "A" is a young lady who likes the drama. Not drama as in "roll your eyes AGAIN" drama. But as in, the theatrical presentation of everyday life.  One can count on "A" to not be afraid to step out on the stage and PERFORM! LOL!

Case in point.  Tonight's birthday theme is the 1920's.  Everyone is to dress from the '20's and be prepared for a dinner/mystery party.

"A's" catch?  She has assigned each guest a role to play.  BUT! The guest isn't suppose to dress up as that role. They are to dress up representing the 1920's.

Example:  Oldest Kiddo is to pretend for the evening that he is an '80's hairband rock star.

Yeah.  Not sure how that is suppose to work, but I'm not 17 any more so I expect I'm not suppose to figure it out!!

So, I had the idea to step out of my little CAS girly box and be a bit more dramatic in the presentation.

I must have succeeded. I got a "Whoa!  Now THAT's cool!" reaction from the Kiddo himself.

This card is a collection of hoarded supplies.  I've challenged myself to use up my vast supplies versus buying new stuff that I no longer have the space to store. While it pains me to cut into papers I just love to look at and use embellishments that other's might not appreciate, it is beyond ridiculous that I fight using it.  Plus, if I actually use the stuff I already have, that means I can buy NEW stuff, right?!!  

This paper pack, from Graphic 45's Curtain Call, is probably one of my all time favorite lines from this company.  I am so sad to be down to only a few scraps.  I actually combined it with a couple of hoarded sheets of Bo Bunny paper for the background and flower. I have had this paper stashed away for so long that I no longer recall the paper line as it would seem I had trimmed off that information at some point in time. I even dug out an old antique brad from my SU days and used my treasured film strip ribbon.  

The feathers?  Another hoarded craft supply from who knows what kiddo project!!

I'm going to go finish another card that uses more treasured supplies.  I just might need therapy after this weekend to get through this painful trial of letting go! 

'Till next time................


Kristen said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I hope she liked it.

Stef H said...

love this. absolutely gorgeous. but then... you know what i think of your creations!

yeah, i hear CA is in a drought. i think you and FL are the only 2 states that don't have snow. we got 2 more inches of snow last night. ugh. now we head for a warm up with lots of "be careful of flooding" messages. i'm so sick of this crap weather. there ain't noplace to hide!!!!

i'll bet your cherry trees are gorgeous!

hugs :)

Glenda Brooks said...

oh my goodness, loving that big flower!

Gail Dixon said...

The card is awesome! Seems you have not lost your creativity mojo AT ALL. The 1920s themed party sounds like a ton of fun. Not sure where the 80s hair band comes into play, but should be interesting! You're such a good mom, always coming through with unique cards for the friends of your children and others.

butterfly said...

Great card - so stylish and glamorous!
Alison x

Sylvia said...

What a fun birthday card, Starla, I love your flower and the touch of feathers! Glad to see you are having fun time in the craft space! Our weather has gotten quite nice as well. Happy Thursday to you!