Saturday, February 8, 2014

Creative Brain Strains

Hey there Peoples!!  I thought I had better pop in before you all assumed I had fallen off the face of the earth!!  Actually, as crazy as life has been around here lately, falling off might be a much needed little vacation! haha!

Creativity lately has been sorting through HUNDREDS (literally) of pictures I have taken of the girls and boys varsity basketball teams this season and editing photos for collages for the coaches and seniors.  It continues to amaze me how many BAD photos I take, LOL!!  I need to take about a million more pictures to figure out my camera settings for the awful lighting in gyms and action shots.

Last weekend I did find the need to create a card for another one of the Oldest Kiddo's classmates. Yes, I said last weekend.  It's been one of THOSE weeks.  

Did I mention that it was for a young lady?

Did you know that  lack of creating + having to make a girly card that isn't too girly for a teen age boy to feel comfortable in giving = major creative brain strain?!!

Despite my incredibly rusty wheels, I managed to get the card done before the Oldest Kiddo needed to leave for his party.  I began by pulling out my Chevron stencil and taping off so that I'd only ink a designated portion onto my card front.  I was trying for an ombre look, so I used a combination of blue and green Distress Inks.

Then I dug out some Pink Paislee, Coffee Filter Words by Christy Tomlinson and die cut several flower layers.  A little sponging of ink, a blingy center brad and a sentiment stamp and I called 'er done.   And yes, it is beyond pathetic how long it took me to get this accomplished.  Seriously People, I spent more time trying to figure out an idea than the actual making of the card took.  Pathetic.  That's all I can say.  Pathetic.  

I should take this moment to apologize for the less than stellar lighting of this card.  I finally finished making the card after dark and was just too dang tired (and lazy) to dig out my photo tent and lights.  Trust me.  I won't let that happen again.  

A little side note:  when I showed the Oldest Kiddo the card (after struggling with it for quite a while) he didn't look that thrilled.  When I questioned further, his response was "Would it be really hard to change the colors to purple and gold?  The party is a combination birthday/Superbowl party and her favorite team is the Vikings.

Uhhhh.  Sooooo not happening Kiddo!! 

That's about it for me today.  I've actually have another project sitting on my desk as I type, just waiting for me to finish up.  Hopefully, I'll have that up and posted before the month's end, LOL!!

'Till next time!!


Sylvia said...

Great birthday card, Starla, and I love your son's remarks! I would have said,"only if you want to make it" now how is that for a fussy mom? Glad you found a little time to stamp and create! Take care have a better less busy week! can only hope, right?

Gail Dixon said...

Starla, your creativity endeavors always make me smile. As strained as your brain was...then to ask for a color change...yikes. Kids and their last minute requests! The card is so beautiful. I'm sure she will be thrilled with it and not even think about the colors.

Stef H said...

i LOVE chevrons and this is absolutely gorgeous! i'll take rain and warmth over this sub-0 weather anyday. i'm lucky my bronchitis isn't back! ugh!

yeah, i do about 8-12 cards a day. i'm surprised i'm not bored yet. i really should be concentrating on getting my house ready to sell, but hey, if they want it, they'll take it as is (which is damn good is you ask me). anyway, i'm waiting til the snow stops and isn't expected back for at least 6 months at which time i hope to be in a new place. ya just never know with modular homes. there are houses here that have been on the market for almost 2 yrs. ugh. please pray that i sell it BEFORE september!

these kids just grow up too fast. my granddaughter informed me that her mother talked to her about "the period" and she's not even 9 yet. crap! more stuff to worry about - LOL.

stay warm and stay dry and have a ball. you always make me laugh!

hugs :)

Micki said...

I LOVE it. Awesome card!!!!! And I have the same problem. I might have an idea or several and the moment I sit down I over analyze or overthink and then it takes me f-o-r-e-v-e-r!
And yay, signed up for email notifications :)