Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014....and Now, for Something Completely Different

(and if you are a Monte Python fan, you will get a bonus giggle out of that line.  Compliments of my kids who LOOOOVE to quote it often!!!).

Welcome to 2014!! It's been a little bit (okay, more like quite a bit) since I've posted last, but one of my strategies for surviving the hectic holiday season this year was to let go of those "things" that did not add to my holiday spirit.  So this year I skipped putting up my large tree (sniff, sniff....but that's just a one year toss, I hope!!), I did not send out ONE Christmas card (GASP!!), I forgave myself for not making each high school teacher a baked treat aaaand  I put aside blogging.

Guess what?!  The holidays were still crazy hectic, but with just a little less "extra" stress I had a little more time that allowed me to sit down on the couch with my family and enjoy time together, which, is what the holidays are suppose to bring about!

With a New Year, there are always thoughts about goals and what word is going to best describe what you hope to achieve in the next twelve months. I made a comment on Susan's blog  that the only word I could come up with was last year's word.  But, in my ramblings while writing my response, I actually came up with a word.


As in a New Year.  New ideas.  Wanting to try NEW techniques.  New goals for health, home and creativity.  Taking the leap and trying NEW things. Sharing New ideas, thoughts, recipes?!!

So, to begin this New Year, I'm sharing a NEW type of creativity with you. I've been long fascinated with the idea of making jewelry.  Which, is rather ironic, as I really don't wear much myself. Nevertheless, I am drawn to the process of being able to create something that connects to the person who chooses to wear it.

This past Thanksgiving I traveled to Colorado with The Youngest Kiddo for a family celebration that combined Thanksgiving, a young cousin turning 4 and my sister celebrating her first year of being cancer free. I wanted to make something special for my sister that marked this blessed milestone.  Obviously, I needed to attempt something very basic.  Thanks to YouTube and this tutorial , I was able to come up with a simple bracelet and matching earrings.

My sister has an incredible outlook in regards to cancer.  She calls it her "health opportunity".  She has taken a very unconventional treatment plan, choosing to change her lifestyle versus undergoing radiation and chemo.  And because of her choices, she has had the opportunity to meet and teach others (including her doctors!) about what she has learned on this journey.  You can read a bit more about her journey on her blog  .  Just a heads up:  poor blogging habits run strong in this family!! My sister has proven even worse than I about updating her blog!  I have sent her fair warning that I am linking to her blog and maybe she should update soon, LOL!

I wanted to use pink beads for the obvious connection they have to breast cancer. I like the fact that the beads are varied in color, just like everyone's battle with cancer is varied. I also like that the beads are not the "traditional" light pink that is associated with the pink ribbon of breast cancer.  Fitting, for a sister who has chosen not to go the traditional route of treatment.

And lastly, I like that the beads are only held together by the links.  I think it is symbolic of how the link of family, friends, doctors and others that you meet make the whole of the journey.  

So here is to a NEW Year!! I hope our link continues!


Joan B said...

Beautiful work! Happy NEW. Off to check out your sister's blog

Sherry Cheever said...

Starla this is gorgeous and I so love the variations of pink (with your description in variations of breast cancer). perfection!!

Glenda Brooks said...

I'm always pleased when your blog link pops up on my blog page! It always means a nice visit with an old friend. I am firstly very happy your sister is enjoying good health and your gift to her is just beautiful! Well done!

Stef H said...

I KNEW you were the type of person that could do ANYTHING! kudos on your "new" ideas and plans.... and best of luck with them. prayers for your sister.

I didn't put a tree up either. ok. a little one. tabletop. it WAS pretty. but then, I have a very small family and I've had bronchitis since Dec. 21 (and it still lingers). then puppy with her hurt leg, me sick and the DEEP FREEZE it's been really hard. I found a t-shirt I may try putting on her as it's -12 with windchills of -28. don't think she'll be out there long. i'm keeping her in til she's begging to go out.

wishing you many blessings in 2014.

hugs :)

Gail Dixon said...

Starla, you are an amazing woman! It makes sense that you would be talented at jewelry-making since you are such an expert with card-making. Such thoughtfulness that went into the earrings and bracelet for your sister. Congrats on her being cancer-free! Now I must go check out her blog!! I'm so into organic and going the homeopathic route instead of doctors. Kudos to her!

Sylvia said...

New is always a good word, Starla! Happy 2014, a "New" year! Your jewelry piece for your sister is wonderful and a great way to celebrate her cancer free year! Hoping you and your family have a fun filled and happy year and that you get more less stress time! Hugs!

Julia said...

Ha estado un regalo el visitar tu bloc, te invito visitar el mio y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

Micki said...

wow, I can't believe that you made that! Well I mean I can but seriously that bracelet and earings are gorgeous and look like they were purchased at the higher end jewelry store. Perfect gift and love the pink. I am glad you enjoyed time with the family....sometimes that is a must. Now I wish you would have a little widget that would allow me to sign up for email notification of your blog posts (hint hint hint)... I get so busy that unless I get an email (since I do try to check that at least once a day) I get way behind in checking blogs. Ok I'm rambling..... hugs sweetie

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

These are beautiful. And I don't think I would classify them as simple. Great symbolism, though.

paula said...

Lovely jewellery,really love the colours,wow..

hugs paula x