Saturday, November 2, 2013

Gelli Circles

Yesterday I was needing to make a card for a 13 y/o boy's birthday.  I had a very CAS (clean and simple) idea floating in my head and was certain that making the card would be quick and easy.

Don't you just hate when reality decides that you need to be brought back down to earth?!

First, I discovered that I didn't have the correct sized sentiment stamp for the visual impact that I was wanting to achieve.  Then I wasted  spent an absurd amount of time going through my stash of junk supplies trying to find something else that might make the original idea still a possibility. 

The good news: I "found" lots of supplies that I had forgotten I had and look forward to pulling them out and playing with them!

The bad news:  I own NO SUPPLIES to make teenage boy cards. 

Okay.  That was a lie.  But, keep in mind that I was on a time deadline to get the card done in just a short amount of time so that the Youngest Kiddo could give it to his friend after school let out. And Fridays are always half days.  Time was a tickin' !!!

I had just come to the conclusion that I had forgotten how to make cards, specifically cards for young teenage boys, when inspiration hit while thumbing through my file of "possibilities" (the file that I keep of technique prints that didn't make the cut for some project, but I liked enough to file for another day). 

Ahhhh!! I so love it when an idea comes together!!

I pulled out a bright "fall" colored Gelli Print and actually garnered up the nerve to cut it into circles using a variety of sizes of Spellbinders Classic Circles.

Then it was a matter of arranging, rearranging and just commit already! 

I debated on the sentiment for quite a while.  I REALLY  liked the card front without it and thought about just stamping the sentiment inside. But, somewhere I got this ridiculous notion that a card HAS to have a sentiment on the outside.  

I need to get over that.

Luckily, the different height of the circle layer on the base layer only caused a little blip with the stamping of the sentiment.  It rather annoys me, but I highly doubt that the birthday boy will even notice it!!

Geometric shapes with the slight patterns of a Gelli Print.  PERFECT combination for those cards needed for teen boys!! 

'Till next time.............. 


Broni said...

OMG! This was a brilliant idea and turned out to be a fabulous teenage(or any age) card! I love how you placed the in the middle of the bullseye!! Brilliant, I tell you!!

Ellen said...

What a great idea to use the gelli prints this way. Thanks for sharing!

Glenda Brooks said...

This is a wonderful card for a teen! Love the design and the colors are amazing! Well done!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

I LOVE this. Most of my gelli prints would work much better all cut up like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

Stef H said...

i love this! what fabulous colors and an even great idea! for someone who is ALWAYS in a time crunch you come thru beautifully! great job!

hugs :)

Gail Dixon (LaBelle) said...

Another stunning work of art! Hallmark needs to hire you!!

Sylvia said...

I agree with all the above comments, Starla, this card is fabulous and your creativity as well! Hope the teen is appreciative of all your effort and worried thoughts! Have a wonderful Monday! don't worry, you have not forgotten how to make cards!

Dawn Barrett said...

Oh wow...GREAT job...quick thinking. And so funky cool!

Joan Bardee said...

you are rocking things

Laurane said...

I really, really like this. What a great idea for those prints which you don't really know what to do with. Thank you. x

Micki said...

God I love this card.... just love it.